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Millar & Quitely signing in Scotland this Saturday!


The Millarworld Tour hits Glasgow and Edinburgh on Saturday, all details below.

PS Frank Quitely and I will be giving a talk in Waterstones before. It’s free, but ticketed so check in with the store and reserve a seat.


I’ll be there!
How’s the rest of the tour been going? As good as you’d hoped?


Snap !


It’s been insane. We had 259 people at Travelling Man in York (150 there when I got there), which was just brilliant. It’s actually just been a huge amount of fun, though knackering as I’m working all week and then travelling to different cities and signing all weekend, working kicking off on the Mondays again.

I think we’ll do this again towards the end of next year, Frank Quitely with me on all the dates, once the second Jupiter’s Legacy trade comes out in October or so. It’s quite a nice time to be travelling, all the floods and ice that starts in December not quite stranding us just yet!



Thats great its been going so well. It’s a testament to the work itself if not your wiley charm ! October is usually great weather , crisp , fresh and perfect for drinking in !


A month too late, I fear…


:frowning: Thats a shame it didn’t tie in .


Scotland…I really need to see it again someday.


Can’t make it to Scotland, so I watched The Wicker Man again. I figure that’s a historically accurate video document.

Overnight the Tree across the street got a big blaze of red. It’s in the 80’s, 67 days since significant rain. Oh, we’ve had destructive hailstorms and other weather terror, just not a gentle soaking rain. Apparently, Spring stretched into Summer, and Summer is stretching into Autumn, and Winter is going to be a stone-cold bitch. Glad you’re traveling now, Mark, and not when all frozen hell breaks loose.

Next time you talk to FQ ask if he likes Nick Pitarra’s art. Nick collects Franks originals - that’s where all that good Manhattan Projects money goes. You have got to steal Nick away from Hickman (as soon as MP is done, thank you kindly).


This was a fun event. Some cool questions, great stories and cool details. I’m really glad that I came.


That was one of the most relaxed and funny talks I’ve been to. Glad you enjoyed it brother Kandor!


Mark really does a great job with these. The late night chat he did for Wizard World Chicago several years back where a bunch of us met up really was a great evening.


Yeah been to quite a few now and have always had a great time. Missed his last Glasgow talk at the Glasgow Book Festival but that was due to a heart attack… That’s how exciting the man is! Haha