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Millar & Quitely Q&A in Baltimore next week!


Not in person, sadly, but by the miracle of Skynet or something Frank and I will be doing a live chat from my place and to readers at Third-Eye Comics. This will be a ticketed event and ye can ask us anything you like.

Note: For anyone outside the Maryland area F Quitely will be here on Millarworld doing a live Q and A just before, typing instead of talking.


Baltimore is a hole; a live Q&A via skype is much better than actually being there.


Will has recently vacated his position at Visit Baltimore.


Hey, Baltimore has Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, established by Diamond Comics Distributors owner Steve Geppi. Someplace actually worth visiting!


The title got me a little excited. Baltimore is a little over a 5 1/2 hour drive for me. I would maybe swing it for a personal appearance but that’s a little far to drive for a Skype appearance. :wink:


Third Eye? That’s my local shop! The guy who owns it and his wife are the nicest comic store owners I’ve ever met anywhere. And it’s technically Annapolis, Maryland’s fine capital, not Baltimore.


You didn’t know this was happening? Does that make you Third Eye blind? :rimshot:


Mark - you Skype?


People of MillarWorld, do you know what this means?

Mark Millar - Mark Millar!!! - has done something technological before I did, (Just finished the Skype download, and am shuddering about configuring it, what with no camera or mic yet.)