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Millar on today's General Election!


Hey chums,

Regulars here know I’m a socialist so it should be no surprise I’m backing Corbyn to the hilt and never been as excited as I am to be voting later today. It’s just beautiful, but it’s here in the short video my local candidate Pamela Duncan-Glancy asked me to make when I pledged her support. She’s standing in Glasgow North and if you’re in the area please read her literature and give her your support. If you live elsewhere, as is likely, please take the chance today to vote for a country you really want to live in.



Pam and I out leafleting at Kelvingrove tube-station yesterday and the leaflet she wrote for this election:


Loved the line about the lunacy of any Scots voting Tory.


Great video Mark. Thanks for posting this.


“if you live in Scotland and you are considering voting Conservative, you are out of your mind!”

NOW that is the quote of this election! :joy:

I never talk politics, purely because i do not want to be judge or judge other on what they believe, because people really take that personally!

However, i have always considered MW a safe place, so with that in mind i would love to see Corbyn and the labour party win this election.

However, if you disagree with me (and the chief by the sounds of it) that’s cool, i juts compel you to vote,
Your voice does count, so have your say today…
Otherwise, if you don’t vote, regardless of who wins you have no opinion and you cannot moan about the way the country is run…until the election and by the sounds of it that will never happen, because between Trump and Kim Jong-un…we are pretty much screwed! :wink:



Really dug seeing you and Pam in that pic handing out leaflets on FB yesterday. Made me smile!


Great to see you getting involved in canvassing and campaigning, mate. It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it?


Pam just missed out it seems but would be consoled by the fact that Labour did way better than expected across the UK.


Yes, she ran it very close and improved the Labour result.


Well said! An overall labour victory was a near impossibility, but I’m chuffed with the loss of mandate/majority.

Good, if not great, outcome. But the work continues.


Quick question: are there still politics threads on the board somewhere? I used to enjoy reading them but I don’t see any anymore.


Dear Mr Millar, dear friends,

I have always admired the proud British people and send my sincerest regards