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Millar on BBC2 tonight at 1030 in Scotland!


Talking about a big Marvel documentary I’m introducing at the Glasgow film festival on Monday night. I hope the Scots here have all bought tix!!

This programme can also be seen by the other life-forms that inhabit the UK on Sky Channel 970 or something. Check that number as it might just be 3 random numbers that popped into my head!!!



Didn’t know about this! I’ll tune in whilst putting the finishing touches to my Wolvy cosplay (when will I learn not to leave cosplays to the last minute >.< )


Thanks for the heads up, im glad i had a quick scan of the forum before heading to bed.


Channel 977


Really good interview. Here’s the BBC iPlayer link if you missed it.


Ah, thanks, Bernadette. I’ll get that up on the front of the site too.



PS Hang on, that’s Masterchef you linked to :slightly_smiling:

Here’s the real link!!



And I was so impressed with your cooking skills too…here’s me thinking there’s no end to your talents?

Oops. Apologies. Forgot I was watching it live or maybe I was distracted by you in your fancy suit :wink:

In my defence, I’m still somewhat traumatised by the ending of the latest HUCK. Got lulled into a false sense of security by Huck helping those cute wee ducklings cross the road.


Haha. I play your emotions like a violin!!!



Jemima Puddle-Duck whispers tales to her children at night of Huck the patron saint of lost ducklings.

Here’s a link that I didn’t manage to break. Ties in nicely with what Mark what saying about comics as the new Greek mythology and also how they seep into our reality.

“Like all great mythical worlds, the Marvel universe speaks to us in metaphors, symbols and other non-literal truths. And as the dreamer who brought these modern myths into reality, Stan Lee may well be remembered as one of literature’s greatest heroes.”


Anyone know if there is some way to see the BBC clip in the US? That link doesn’t work here. :frowning:


So, you lot in the US want independence from the British but also want access to the BBC? You can’t have it both ways!


I’m an American! Doesn’t that mean I’m entitled to __________? :wink:


There is a workaround @Bigdaddy. If you have Chrome or Firefox you can add an extension called Hola. Install it and it’s a simple click on the British flag to pretend you are browsing from the UK and prevent the geo-block.