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Millar & Immonen with Joe Roth for Empress movie - Exclusive!


Feast yer peepers on THIS!!!



Oooft couple of heavyweights ! Bourne , Furious and the Huntsmen franchises to name but a few . Always get excited at these announcements as it means we get ever closer to more on screen Millarworld :grinning:


Another step towards Millarworld domination! :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Yaaaaaaaaas !


Great news!


Kirsch ran Universal production for years and left to form this company with Joe last year right after Uni grossed more cash than any studio in history for 2015. It was an amazing year for him. Joe is the former head of Fox and Disney. Seriously. Then he went on to produce Oz the Great and Powerful, Alice in Wonderland, etc. Guy’s a legend. I can’t believe I’m hanging out with these dudes!

F Scot Frazier starting the screenplay now. Am very excited!



What about the cast?


Uh-oh. You got a bromance going. You may need me on this one, Chief. A bit of cynical grounding to keep the bad guy suitably evil. What do you figure, a rough script around July? I’ll block out a couple days.

Oh, man, is your head gonna get spun!


I’ve said it before, you move in some impressive circles.


Joe Roth also directs occasionally, he’s one of the few people to have a run a studio who has production experience on the creative side too.

He’s had a pretty remarkable career.


I just looked up Imdb. I sort of remembered that he’s directed America’s Sweethearts, but I didn’t realised that he directed Coupe DeVille. I remember loving that film. Particularly the argument about the meaning of the lyrics to Louie Louie.


It’s a good little movie.

I saw ‘America’s Sweethearts’ in the cinema, with my girlfriend at the time. Nothing earth shattering, but it was fun.

He hasn’t directed anything since 2006 but I hope he keeps an eye out for another project he wants to make. I’m guessing he doesn;t need the money so he can choose things that really motivate him creatively.

But getting back to ‘Empress’ he’s a real big shot, having him onboard as a producer is a very good thing.