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Millar - Immonen - Empress - April



Quite liked the “savvy” comment.

The last major thing I wrote was space opera. Fun stuff!


This sounds like a really fun book, I love the art we’ve seen so far. I already have this thought about a tie-in with Millarworld books but I’ll wait until the 1st arc is done to see if I’m right. :wink:
Glad to see Nemesis is in the pipe for a film, and this exciting but disturbing blurb:
“Meanwhile, the rights to Huck, his latest comic that was released last week, were just picked up by Studio 8.” Released last week!? There is no excuse for this not to be in my hands if this is true.


It’s not, it comes out next Wednesday. :wink:


That’s what I thought, only the Mods got it last week. :wink:


Oh, we’ve had issue 1 for much longer than that. :wink:


I used to like you, Ron. Used to.


Ah come on, Jerry. Just remember, I get to buy the beer next time. :wink: