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Millar editor Rachael talks about her job & talent search!


Nice shout out to Sana Amanat here too!



Nice article. At least @Rachael_Millarworld does not have to type copy hoping the typewriter cuts the master correctly! (Oy.)


Interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Great interview, @Rachael_Millarworld.

It does bring up an interesting question. A few weeks ago @davidm mentioned that when he used to read comics in the 70’s he knew all the editors as well as he did the writers and artists.

I wonder why it was more common to know the editors names back then. Is that because of the stronger hand editors used to have in the creative area? Is it because a lot of the editors were also writers? Is it because of the bullpen columns?


Thank you @Rachael_Millarworld for the Nerdmost interview
This quote hit home!!

"The biggest challenge is getting them to apply! You need to make them aware it’s possible for them to break into the industry, to ensure them that -at least in Millarworld "


A lot of big name editors these days graduate higher and higher up the food chain, or are given massive assignments, like 52, which ended up helping both DC and Marvel (Stephen Wacker, I’m looking at you). But we’re heavily in the era of the writer, so of course the editor doesn’t get as much respect these days. We’re a long way from Julie Schwartz.


I mentioned to David that a lot of them used to comment during the actual stories. Those little boxes that told you which issue this and that happened in and occasionally the odd joke. That’s disappeared over the years.


Yeah, they’d give themselves little nick names like "glamourous Gareth’ or “Determined to not let the seventies die David”, depending on what the commentary was based on.

It was a fun little gimmick.