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Millar & Capullo's Reborn gets a LOGO!


How pretty is THIS??


Nice logo, Mark.

At one point, it seemed like a lot of the Millarworld logos were somewhat standard with a very similar font. Was there a point where you purposefully changed tactic or was it just something that happened?


Looks great. Didn’t he letter Green Lantern Rebirth? Last year or so I’ve come to appreciate the skill and the difference a letterer and colourist can make.


Just very naturally, Ronnie. As we moved onto more and more books I didn’t want them looking too samey. Superior and Supercrooks were both designed by Leinil I think and I was wowed how good something beyond IMPACT looked :slight_smile:



Nice. Very readable, slick, and unobtrusive. Can see a lot of opportunities to play with it/adapt it as well, if so desired.

Who designed it?


Simple and effective. Very good!


Very cool. I like it.


I see that it’s blambot/nate piekos. He’s one of the true true greats.


Can I buy this book yet? :smile:


I love it.
That cover is driving me crazy, I want more. I mentioned in a separate thread the annual will be the first single issue comic I’ve picked up in years. Reborn might be my second.
One thing I love about trades though, is the behind the scenes stuff in the back, so I would miss that if there was some in the back of the Reborn trade.
Guess we’ll see if I can wait or not. I’m thinking probably not.