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Millar & Capullo launch REBORN in October


I finish writing it tomorrow, we take it out to Hollywood at the weekend and you’re hearing all about it tonight on Deadline Hollywood after MONTHS of teasing. First issue out in October, Mister Capullo halfway through the second issue at the moment. I think this is the best art I’ve ever seen from him, which is high praise when we’re talking about a genius. LOOK AT THIS COVER!



Mr Millar you put the shizzle in ma nizzle!

This sounds Soooo different in terms of setting from what you have done before. Searching for the love of your life in a fantasy world?! You ol’romantic you.


Wow. Now that’s a book I’ll be buying monthly. Such a cool concept, and one that sounds really fresh for you. October is going to be a long wait.

@Mark_Millar is there any way you can post the cover in a larger size? It only seems to be small on the website.


Cool beans, Chief and Greg! Interesting way to go.

Is Harris the fellow you’ve been with forever, Mark? He seems to be gold!


A bigger look at the cover:


Thank you! :smile:
Only showing the small cover felt like an unfair tease, but now it’s totally fair. :laughing:


Y’know, I’ve had mornings like that.

Quite a few of them, come to think of it.


I would buy your autobiography, Miqque. But the digital version, obviously. I know I’m not strong enough to lift the print version.


Thanks, guys.

We’re going to do something interesting in this noisy internet time. We’re doing no interviews in the run up to this series and literally doing ONE on the Monday before that October launch.

We’ll be teasing art of course, but no more info on the story until the week of release :slight_smile:



You mean I’ll be able to read a brand-new awesome comic, spoiler-free!?
It’s crazy how ground breaking an idea that is.
I love it.

Edit: Hang on, which publisher is this coming through? Image?


Yes, Image.


Love the idea! I am looking forward to the series!


Not normally a fan of hype - but this sounds REALLY good and a concept I wish I had come up with.


This looks good. :smile:


Can’t wait to read this. I’ll probably skip the movie though, as the things movies are based on are almost alway better than the movies themselves. Unless someone super cool like Terry Gilliam directed it, then I would certainly check it out.
This kind of thing sort of feels like double dipping to me, like if I sold someone a cow, then after they took possession I milked the cow, and sold them some milk. Of course, I would probably do the exact same thing if I was Mark Millar, and don’t mean any offence.
What I really don’t understand, is comic book adaptations of movies. Why would I bother? Just watch the movie. Even comics based on books, just read the book. I don’t need two or three versions of the same story. There are plenty of stories out there without doubling down.
Sorry if this sounds negative. I am super excited to read a very cool sounding story by a kick-ass writer, and an amazing artist.


Capullo is the man! Can’t wait to see more!


Really looking forward to this, Mark. From what I’ve seen, I think it will blow people’s socks off.


Mike drop.

Looks phenom.



NO hype?



Okay, let’s get the pool going. I say Millar’s head explodes July 15th. Around 4 p.m…