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Millar Bio on STV last night - Download here!


A nice wee show called MY LIFE IN 10 PICTURES takes a different Scottish person every week and does a kind of bio based around 10 pics they bring in. Last night it was me (coincidentally on the day Jupiter’s Legacy and Jupiter’s Circle launched) and you can download it here for the next week or so.



PS Just realized… Frank was up here last night using my computer for the chat and still signed in as him. Gah!

Better log out.

Or, of course, have a little fun with this…


Dear Mr Quitely, how do you respond to the latest allegations of nazi themed orgies you have been arranging in the Glasgow area?


Hi Frank,

Who’s your favourite writer to work with? Be honest.

Also, if you were going to change your pen-name to anything else, what would it be?


Mark - check bedroom. I think that’s where you dragged his chain after the chat. Something about Skyping in bed? After the drugged tea?

psst- hang in there, Frank! We’re sending commanoes!