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Millar Announces Ongoing Hit-Girl Series


@Mark_Millar does it again. I like to sound of the creative line up.

That Amy Reeder cover is incredible too.


That sounds pretty cool. I’m in.


That cover shows as 1 of 4. Is that referring to the Columbia story arc or referring to it being a 4 issue mini series?


It’s a 4 part arc, then a new arc starts. Each arc will have Hit Girl in a different part of the world, with a different creative team. Like an ongoing set of mini series’.


That absolutely explains the orgasmic look on Smith’s face lately.


Why Amy Reeder was never poached for one of the top Marvel or DC books I have no idea. I have to assume she isn’t interested and wants to do her own stuff.

Kevin Smith is a good move, I know from his podcast he loves Millar (and Vaughan) stuff.


She was at DC on Madame Xanadu and Batwoman for a little bit and evidently co-wriote Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur at Marvel for a while.


Xanadu is where I first saw her work but she jumped ship at Batwoman because she was being asked to fit into another style.

I realise she’s worked there as I followed her career closely and championed her in threads when Millar has asked for artists. I suspect she was asked on more major profile books but didn’t fancy it. It’s technically really strong and full of character.

I hope we may one day see her on some sequentials for MW.


What happened to Daniel Way? I remember him being mentioned as a writer a while back.


Daniel Way is mentioned in the article as a writer of a later arc, instead of the second one. I guess they’ve just been shuffled around a bit.

Rafael Albuquerque is also mentioned - he was originally slated to draw the book, I think.


Guess I should read the articles rather than the headlines!


Exciting that there are ongoing series now.


(Really Millar’s quote but that’s how the board does it).

Did anyone see his stuff?