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Millar and Swamp Thing!

I don’t mention it here all that often but my favourite all time Millar projects are Jupiter’s Legacy, Ultimates and … Swamp Thing!

I think its one of Mark’s absolute treasures and am completely baffled why it’s not discussed more often.

CBR’s recent “Comics You Should Own” offers their take:

High praise from CBRs Greg Burgas:


I think it’s a great run. I tracked down all the backissues several years ago, and I’ve been buying the trades that DC have been putting out recently (two are out so far, with a third and final volume to follow in the next couple of months I think).

I’ve by no means read all of the Swamp Thing stories that have ever been written, but I agree with that comment that the Morrison/Millar run is second only to Moore’s stretch on the book.

I agree too – And there are ALOT of good Swamp Thing runs.

It is probably the only complete creator run that I currently own in floppies only.

Cajun tree-people! :wink: Sargon the Sorcerer and Constantine! All the different Parliaments aside from the Trees. And I loved the WW2 alt-history run. Linda Holland’s story was horrific but really well executed. The best kind of horror writing where the real monsters are humanity or lack of. But there’s always that touch of Millar hopefulness amongst all the darkness too.

Swamp Thing is one of my favourites. It’s fantastic. Kinda sickening how young Mark was when he wrote it.


I know! He was 24! What kind of a jerk writes a utterly utterly historically brilliant comic book run at 24??? Who does he think he is???

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Someone who sits down and finishes tales? I’d say he lets go of the whole idea of perfectionism but it doesn’t seem that way from the reading.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist. Write me a story sometime. It is my birthday).

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The last issues of Swamp Thing were the only post-Moore issues I read. I remember liking them a lot, but I couldn’t tell you much about what was going on there anymore… but hell, this was a long time ago, after all.

First copy I found was in quarter bin (sorry, Chief! But there it was!). Lots in the editorial copy about the “new guy” Millar. Good times!

The “not” Green Lantern issue was GOAT

It’s maybe my favorite Millar run, along with his Superman stuff. Astonishing.

Curiously I didn’t think it really came into its own until Morrison left. That first arc was the weakest of the bunch, for me.

Yes, it’s one of those relatively rare runs that just got better as it went on. I know Millar and Morrison were still working closely together around that whole era on various projects, but yes, those first shared-credit issues were probably the weakest of the run.

Why did I look at this thread? Now that’s even more books on my list of trades that I should buy.

Thanks a bunch :grimacing: