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Michael Keaton mocks Spider-Man's tears


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I read the story earlier and it just came off as kind of odd like Keaton is trying to hard.


Tobey Maguire has the worst crying face in the history of cinema.


I loved Tobey Maguire’s performance as Spidey, and a big part of that was his chin-wobble crying face, second only to his stunned “I dont know how to talk to girls” dopey face.

Calling Spiderman a pussy makes Keaton sound like, well… a bit of a dick? :smile:
Yeah, Spiderman isn’t a hard-ass like Batman. That’s the w.hole point of him. That was the genius move on the part of Lee and Ditko - to make a hero who’s just a normal kid underneath the mask with all the emotional vulnerability that entails.


Maguire was perfect as PP. Garfield is a good actor, but was totally wrong.

Imagine the coolest guy in school, who’s dating Emma Stone, gets bitten by a spider and his life gets EVEN COOLER?

That’s not a great hook.



Batman is a mentally broken person, his physios has driven him to wage a “war” on crime dressed as a bat. He has used his billions of dollars to build himself an arsenal to defeat criminals. Fck yeah he wouldn’t cry, I’m surprised this crazy fck hasn’t killed every one in Gotham while masturbating with a string of pearls wrapped around his penis. The whole time crying “I love you mommy and daddy”. Basically Batman is insane and Spider-Man has some guilt and radio active blood, his crying is not a negative here.


I might be wrong but I think they did actually do that in an episode of the 1966 TV show.