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Messages for MillarWorldlarians!


This is a specific thread for Messages to Missing MillarWorlders!

Sometimes we have to “go away” for a while. For whatever reason(s), we do not interact on the boards. I’ve had a few periods when I was “away”! (Some say it’s about after the third sentence of one of my typical verbose posts.)

Don’t care why. Just need a place here in the Pub like a message board for those we care about who may receive messages but for whatever do not interact at the moment.

Okay? Good idea?

Let’s keep it positive and let us also not expect answers!

After all, that’s why a separate thread!



Russell and Sheila - Cheers! Hope it goes better soon!

Ulf and the Missus - You’re frequently in my thoughts and prayers.

SteveSensible - Are you here under another nom du web? Am I being stupid or oblivious as usual? We make such a good pair - Sense and Nonsense!

Al-X - Gosh, bud. Since you became employed it seems like you’re never here! Good for you, and I thought you’d like seeing your name in print!


Al-X is absent?

Anyway, I just wanted to say to ARCHONIS that it was a pleasure running into you at the Hillary Clinton fundraiser, and your powder blue tuxedo looked very sharp.


Sarah, just read I Kill Giants again… putting me on to that book was something For which I will always be grateful




I miss David Meadows.

No one around here matches his charm.




Do you miss him too? It’s ok.
Sometimes we come back.


I hear he took the cancellation of Legion of Superheroes pretty hard…poor guy :wink:


Hey next time you’re in the neighborhood stop by and say hello.


Nicholas Taggart’s name should not be missing from this thread.

So now it isn’t.


Massages are nice.

To be honest guys if people want to do something else then I think the best thing is let them do it.


Yes, I agree. It’s a shame some of the regulars dropped out with the board relaunch, but I can understand some of the reasons why and I doubt a thread like this will entice them back.

Plus, a lot of them are still active on social media and easy to find in other places.


With some of the future plans we discussed last week I suspect lots of folks will come back again. There’s some amazing fan ideas coming.


That would be great if they did.

My favourite feature of the new site is the AMAs. It’s been a lot of fun to interact with creators in that way.


Wait, who are you guys again?


Gimmie a second, I’ll have to look at the name written on the label of my underwear to double check this.


I bet a thousand it just says DREDD there.


Calvin Klein!

(With apologies to BTTF)


Did you see where these fiends have gotten me totally pulled into the 2000AD madness?


Folks, intention was for this board to have messages for both ex-MWers who did not leap the chasm of the board change and vanished, sure. Primarily to those just not posting temporarily due to life circumstances.

Which makes me wonder what Ben Denkinger might be up to!