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Meryl Streep


I never thought I’d agree with Trump on something, but the last good Meryl Streep movie was Postcards from the Edge 27 years ago. She was also so rude to a friend of mine who was assisting her for a few days at a movie thing in New York a few years back that I also now have an in-built bias against her.




Movie stars attempting to be wannabe pundits has reached a boiling point of annoyance.


Hugh Laurie’s digs were a lot better and more pointed.


Her daughter looks spookily like her, and is the shit in Mister Robot.


Clearly you didn’t take the time to appreciate Mamma Mia!


Pierce Brosnan was better in it


Trump’s still an ass.


Gotta disagree with the boss man, here. August Osange County, Doubt, the Sufferagette, Julie and Julia, the Iron Lady…all good-to great movies, all with great performances by Streep. Her comments last night were on point, and the idea that an awards acceptance speech would even register on the radar of the soon-to-be leader of the free world is simultaneously bizarre and pathetic.


She was great in ‘The River Wild’, she should do more action movies.

And comedy, ‘Death Becomes Her’ is brilliant and she’s brilliant in it.

And yes, more importantly, Trump is still an ass.


I am fine with movie people speaking their political mind, as I am with anyone. In general.

But yes, at this point celebrities probably would just better shut up about Trump. He thrives on this kind of thing, he loves bathing in this shit and his supporters eat it all up like hot chocolate sauce.

Just stop talking about him. That’s the worst thing you can do to a narcissist like Trump. Ingnore him until he goes away. That’s something we do with politicians often enough, isn’t it?


That’s my point exactly.


I saw a suggestion of doing the opposite: If more people go after him, the more time he spends on Twitter going after them and less time doing damage as POTUS. :wink:


I theorize that celebrity types and others teeing off on Trump isn’t so much to get under Trump’s skin (though I would imagine that might be a delightful fringe benefit) but rather to galvanize people who are anti-Trump. Eventually an anti-Trump movement will form, but at the moment people who realize the dangers of Idiot-Populism (trademark pending) seem kind of directionless. Anti-Trump sentiment will eventually coalesce into something more solid, but until then, I have no problem with anyone with any level of fame or notoriety expressing their political opinions. Streep in particular doesn’t strike me as someone ill-informed, ill-read, or unintelligent. Her comments were made, I think, because she had a large audience and she realized her points could reach them more directly on an awards-stage than through the political subtext of a film. I don’t think political activism or speech should be discounted because the person acting or speaking is famous.


Me too, I am gravitating towards the idea that most are shit at it though.

Unless you exhibit some sort of sacrifice for your beliefs it looks like millionaires lecturing the populace.

The likes of Kal Penn or Eddie Izzard that actually turn down work to campaign or serve have a lot more weight to what they say.


Had he lost the election or not even gotten the nod, he’d probably be in that crowd and she’d be going to his sponosored party. They’re all a bunch of self important jackasses.


Also true.


Brendan McCarthy just posted Meryl Streep leading a standing ovation for disgraced, should be in prison director Roman Polanski back in 2003. I think that says it all.

But I think 2016 was the year the public decided that celebrities would not sway them and often would actually make them go the other way. Brexit was very much going Remain until Eddie Izzard appeared on Question Time in a disastrous performance that I think was the turning point, the audience actually booing him (which I’d never seen before). The Scots Referendum in 2014, the 2015 General Election, Brexit and the Presidential Election all went the opposite way from the celebrity consensus aimed at the electorate.

I would say now that celebrity endorsement is a liability. Voters want someone who look like them up there.



Hollywood has always been a messy ball of hypocrisy.

I think more of the public has become desensitized to that aspect over the past few years.


I don’t agree. The US voted for a celebrity for president!


Seems MMA fans are pissed at Streep, too: