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Merry MillarWorld! Holiday Cheer!


Merry MillarMas!

It is finally, thankfully, 2016 winding up with some holidays!

Merry Christmas!
Happy Chanukah!
Kool Kwaanza!

and we gotta put it in -

#Happy Birthday Mark Millar!

Yeah, the Chief tends every year to go and vanish for a bit, hiding his secret ceremonies from the unwashed masses. Probably for the best. But, true enough! He will age! And so will that portrait in his attic.

So have a thread! Merriment and Glee! Good wishes and snarkiness about the season!

Merry Christmas to All Y’All!


Thank you everybody for another fun year in the forums. I may not always contribute, but I’m always looking. And a super special thank you to the Chief for all the enjoyment he brings to us every year. Bring on 2017.


I finished my Christmas with over a week to spare!! Merry Christmas indeed!!]

Wishing all my fellow (and lady) MillarWorlders good health and prosperity in the New Year!!


I went out last night. And am a bit tender. But you guys are a tad early here.
Got at least a week left!


I know how you feel. I’m starting a new job on Monday.


Merry Christmas to you all!!!

I’ll be mostly working but will pick a free day here and there.


One more reason for Holiday Cheer, Simon!:beers:


Thanks Jerry


Yay! Now I can get back to posting redundancy jokes! :wink:

So happy for you!


Thank you sir. 2016 has been a bit of a challenge…For everyone and not just me. Let’s all hope 2017 turns out a little (or a lot) better.


Dear friends,

I drink to your health!

Merry Christmas!

No doubt the comic books this week will be shipped by helicopter,



As still kind of a newbie, I want to say thank you to the forum for accepting me and interacting with me. Other comics forums I’ve tried out either run their course quickly or snottiness prevails. You all are genuinely a cool bunch and I have seldom come every day to a chat forum since I’m stupid busy. I have made the Millarworld forum a priority since there are intelligent and passionate people here. I appreciate you bringing me into the fold.

Thank you to Mark and the Millarworld team for opening this forum and thank you offering for the chance to create for you, however the results out for us all.

I’ll be coming by regularly still, but to all of you, an early wish for a Merry Christmas and festive holiday season!


[quote=“rayvanhornjr, post:12, topic:9227”]
As still kind of a newbie, I want to say thank you to the forum for accepting me and interacting with me.
[/quote]And thank you, Ray, for those kind words. The main difference between MillarWorld and similar sites is that the Mods and Admins here really work hard to keep it civil and inclusive and welcoming. They are a great bunch, and it’s nice to see those efforts acknowledged and appreciated.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!


We’ll get in on the Christmas Cheer since its less than a week away.

From our Clan to yours. Happy Holidays .


A job well-done in that regard. I thoroughly enjoy chatting with everyone and cheers to all the mods and administrators who clean house and make this forum what it should be, fun and respectful.

Sidebar, congrats on your wedding, Mark and Mrs. Millar!

Cheers, everyone…


Let’s take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, in video format…


No, clearly the true meaning of Christmas is"What would Brian Boitano do?"


LMAO, man!


From the Awfully Cute, Super Nice Department…one of my son’s old playmates came up to me in the gym at the cable flies, handed me a candy cane and said “Merry Christmas!” Does a heart some good, I tell ya.