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Men in Black/ 21 Jump Street crossover


I’m calling it now. This is going to be amazing and I’m totally serious.



Is this going ahead then?

I knew it was announced and seemed to be in development but I hadn’t heard anything since …


I think James Bobin was announced as a director a while ago…or he could just have been in talks for that.


I did chortle throughout 21/22 Jump Street - Channing Tatum was a comedic revelation.

I’d be up for this mash-up, but the lack of Miller/Lord (onto better things :slight_smile: ) may not make this on par.


I loved 21 Jump Street but couldn’t bear more than about ten minutes of 22 Jump Street, so I don’t have high hopes for a third, especially a weird mash-up with Men In Black.


It was announced at CinemaCon yesterday.