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Meet the Male Lead from the Empress movie!


Just gone live on Twitter. That’s the male and female leads teased, the big baddie going up tonight…


Wow. WOW!
You got Trolly McTroll !? That’s insane.


I’m going to guess Robert Downey Jr, don’t know why.


Those lips, that eyebrow?

It’s him off obscure late 90s, early 00s reference!


I haven’t seen Andy McNab act in anything before, but hopefully he’ll be good in this.


the chap from phonejacker?!


Eddie Redmayne!


Colin Farrell I reckon



I see a comics writer in some rather severe fiscal difficulty!


(Was just figuring out if I could pop for the latest Jupiter’s thingie. Guess I’d better! Can we get a Kickstarter or summat going on this?)


The Gimp from Pulp Fiction is an odd choice…


I think whoever the actor is just gave Terry Waite the shakes! :scream: