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Me on why we need to do sci-fi for kids again!

Here’s me being all clever at Games Radar on Star Wars and the origins and need for Empress:




We definitely need bdightness in a post 2010 wo ld.


The book that hooked me early on sci-fi was The Rolling Stones by Robert Heinlein. It was not about the band (which was just getting dominant) but about a family based on the Moon who bought a used spaceship and headed to Mars. It was a big family, but an idealized family. Nothing at all like mine, but one that seemed a whole lot more pleasant.

One thing missing from many works along though now is the lack of “family”. There are things like the “Force family” in Star Wars and many attempts to form a family structure with more randomly-assembled people. The warning of the 1950’s-1960’s have of course come true, the “traditional family” of husband, wife and 2.5 children (which always freaked me out) has essentially vanished. Sure, many families look just like that, but we have added same-sex parents and all sorts of initials to try to describe a situation where “husband and wife” no longer describes a married couple. So what do we seek in our entertainment? Our hopes and desires! We feel better in a stable social situation, and tend to get more done with less stress. We all know the rap; it is fear. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to stress, stress leads to the Dark Side and we all have trouble in society.

Mark, as “a comic book writer”, I think you have found a path to helping people. I hope this starts to meet this deep need we both seem to share.

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Warms my heart to see someone mention Robert A. Heinlein. My all time favorite author. Reading Time for the Stars, Stranger in a Strange Land and Starship Troopers as a teenager made my mind explode. The level of creativity and theoretical science displayed across any of his books made the Star Wars novels I was reading feel utterly lacking.

That being said, I think we need a healthy representation of all “groupings”. It feel like for the past 10-15 years mainstream media has shifted towards isolated, brooding protagonists. While we need that, and they are intriguing, it’d be nice to get more “The Incredibles” type of offerings. As a parent I would certainly support it.