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Me and my Outstanding Pajamas


Hi – New here. Some of my comic book creator friends said that this was a pretty cool and welcoming community for artists and writers and that I should swing by. So…hello! :slightly_smiling:

Lifelong Chicagoan. I make Outstanding Pajamas, which is basically a multi-media type of project – comic, cartoons, etc. I have two cats, Eliza Jane and Dotti Bear, I’m learning to play the guitar on a parlor guitar which is the best thing ever. The main game I’m playing right now (Xbox One) is Star Wars Battlefront. I’m one of the folks who groused when they nerfed the Homing Shot. :smiley: I play fantasy football when that’s going on, I thought AVP: Requiem actually had some redeeming qualities,and I have a wife who I dreamed about before I ever met her and I’ll love her forever! :smiley:

I’m usually pretty ((alone)) in the art world. Most folks I know are either writing books or making comics or film, etc. I kind of always feel like I’m on an island within an island. So I just try to find community wherever I can. IRL I don’t have any artist friends. They’re all just bruisers and lovable knuckleheads.

So these are a couple of my most recent cartoons for Outstanding Pajamas –

Dead at the End Episode One

Spandies Episode One

This is the comic, which I’m in the process of formatting for social media as well. This format is specifically for smartphones –

Clubhouse Vigilantes

That’s it. Hope I did this right and that this was okay. Thanks


Good stuff, I enjoyed Spandies the most. I’m gonna post them like this so they’re easy for people to dip into. :grin:


Oh – haha, cool. :slight_smile: Yeah, that’s probably better.

And thanks! Yeah, Dead at the End was originally sorta to appease wifey. I explained to her that I wanted to move between different media in the project, and as I moved through different media I would want to alter the genre. She felt that she just couldn’t be okay with that without some kind of foundation being laid that informed on that, so that’s basically why Dead at the End exists – and I’m happy it does.

Moving forward I’m going to exlcusively be doing Dead at the End episodes in primarily CGI to better reflect the changes in tone. I just did a first test render for that while I work on some other stuff. Obviously I need to address the issue of motion capture timing…but I think I’ve got some good answers to tweak that –


Looking forward to more.