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MAYA will be continued!


For everyone who is interested in this news: I’ve decided to continue MAYA which started as a webcomic some years ago and later became an app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

The production of new pages was stopped because of my work in the game biz.
Now it’s time to continue the story.

Just want to let you guys know about the new plans because I always got a lot of great feedback from you and of course I’m a Millarworldler myself. :slight_smile:

CU around!

  • Chris


Okay, Chris. You must keep me up with links and such.


Hey Miqque,

thank you. I will post about the new stuff here. I also have plans to get more involved in the Creative Central area here looking what I can do to some of Mark’s characters :wink:




BTW: The old stuff can be found here

CU around!