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Massively Effective. The newish webcomic on my site Atomic Rex Ent.



As some of you may know, I am the co-owner of the website Atomic Rex Ent. I’ve posted in here about comic book stories I release via my site. I work with a variety of artists. I also have posted on here about some comic book work I am doing for publishers. Well, I wanted to post about a newish comic I just realized via my site. Newish in that it’s something I started back in 2010 but delays and life got in the way. It was finally completely colored as of last year and completely lettered and edited as of this year. it went from being a 90pg comic to a 75pg comic. A lot of fat was trimmed. My writing has improved since 2010. So it’s a painful and interested comic to read. But I still think its a lot of fun and very funny. Plus it has fantastic art, colors, and lettering. Originally I had a publishing deal with a very small publisher but that ended up not happening for personal reasons. So the rights reverted back to me and I figured why not release it as a web comic. So it is getting released every week on Mondays, Weds, and Fridays. I’ve posted below the latest page from the comic as we’re 4 pages in. I’ve also posted the cover for the series.

Hope you enjoy reading it.