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Massive interview where I talk about literally everything!


You name it, I’m talking to Movie Pilot about it here:



Very thorough interview. Thanks, Mark! Interesting about your oldest and cosplay. My goddaughter is into manga, cosplay, bands, band merch and above all boys. (Younger than yours.) Through this she’s picked up more than a bit of Japanese, is familiar with Spanish (and the L.A. Hispanic culture) and reads at a near-college level. Sadly, due to the deaemonic Spell-Check, she cannot spell well.

I think your planning over the years has stood you in great stead when it comes to translation to film. Likely you write cinematically (as I do) because you love film and have seen a lot of movies. Therefore, they translate more easily. I think of Philip K. Dick, who never made much of a splash at all as a writer, whose work tends to translate well to the screen (“Blade Runner”, “Minority Report”, “Total Recall”). Meanwhile, Robert Heinlein had massive troubles 'way back with “Destination: Moon” and pulled all his work. Only recently the Virginia Heinlein Foundation released one for future production (“Predestination”, based on the very short story “All You Zombies…”). You’ve still got the two-issue War Heroes floating around!

It’s rare to see you printed when being loquacious, and good to see.

You need to learn to Skype. I don’t (yet) but I hear it’s a fairly simple tool and necessary for business. Hell, that’s an assumption. Do you Skype or teleconference?

And when did you last do a back-up? (Just checking, I’ve got one scheduled tonight, during Gotham.)


'nother thought. Just took a spin through IMDb’s “Upcoming Movies” section, and there were about 22 that hooked my interest - and not even ones like Pan with Hugh Jackman, which is iffy and I’ll wait for reviews.

Having read how edgy you got around the release numbers for Kingsman - what in the world are you going to do about the release of Fantastic Four?

Needs tranquilizers?