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Massive Geek Stuff You Never Loved!


It’s funny we’re all broadly called geeks, but there’s enormous geek things we have no interest in. Yes, I love Superman, Batman, Marvel movies, Ray Harryhausen, Bond, Flash Gordon, etc, but have no interest in a billion things I see people really loving. I don’t want this to turn into a hate thread, but simply curious. What do people worship that you just never could connect with?

The below isn’t necessarily bad, but I’ve never enjoyed 5 mins enough to watch 10 mins, for example…

Any Godzilla movie
Star Trek Next Gen (or any beyond original series)
Babylon 5
Doctor Who (outside of RTD era)
Big Bang Theory
Almost any Coen Bros movie
Lord of The Rings (and associated)
Most Tim Burton movies (pretty much all except Ed Wood)

What’s yours?



For shame! Which have you tried to watch? I don’t think they’d generally fall into the category of geek love, though.

As for me, any monster movies, Star Trek, anime. I’m with you on the Buffy properties and Tron, too!


Actually, Coen Bros movies maybe don’t fit here because I actually have seen pretty much all of them. Always against my will :slight_smile:


And you didn’t enjoy a single one of them? Not even Fargo??


S’alright :slight_smile:

I’ve seen them all and never hated any of them, but likewise never been in love with them like all my friends are. I remember Cassiday saying this in the Preacher TV show and he was right.



Potter. Read one book and saw all the films, but … eh. S’alright is the word.


I’m not a fan of fantasy at all, Game of Thrones being the only real exception. So Lordof the Rings is a big no-no for me.


Your stock just went up a couple of points!


This is pretty much my list as well, minus Coen brothers movies.

I’d also add in Grant Morrison and Joss Wheadon to that list. I don’t not like them, just don’t get the adoration they’re given.


I’m with you on Whedon, but with Grant Morrison I think it’s a bit easier to understand the fandom. The guy has indisputably come up with a lot of weird and unique ideas in the realm of comics, no? I still have about the same level of enthusiasm as you do, but I do think he stands out quite a bit.


Transformers. Almost heresy on this forum, but I’ve never watched more than a couple of minutes of the cartoons. I guess I was just the wrong age.


The 80’s Transformers cartoon is shit. The comics were where it was at.

And they’re old now, so you’ll probably like them.


I’m in the “how the hell can you read or watch Lord of the Rings without nodding off?” camp, and JK Rowlings text is impossible to read out loud to your kids; it’s the stumbliest writing ever. I work at the BMW engine plant in Birmingham, and the programs for the assembly robots there have far better plots than the Transformer movies.

Wow! I feel better now.


For me I think the big one was always Dungeons & Dragons and similar tabletop games. As a kid, I had friends who were into them, but could never really see the appeal myself. As an outsider they always seemed very complicated and inaccessible.

Another one is wrestling. In my younger days it was always a bit baffling to me how it had such a huge following, but as an adult I think I can understand a little better why people like it, even if it still doesn’t really do anything for me. The theatricality and performance elements were a bit lost on me as a kid.

There are plenty of individual creators in comics and movies that aren’t my cup of tea either, but when it comes to particular people I think that’s largely down to specific personal tastes as much as anything, and I’m sure all the names that pop into my head are favourites for other people.


I’d argue that The Big Bang Theory isn’t geek stuff, but rather just another mainstream sitcom that uses geekery as a skin because it’s popular now.


It’s a mix, it took years for me to get the way it was pitched. It’s not made by geeks, or by scientists, but they have brought in enough consultants on both to dot the 'i’s and cross the 't’s.

It also started before geek was acknowledged as the mainstream. The first season was the year before the ‘Iron Man’ trailer “broke the internet” etc.

So it’s become more about it’s geekness, because the people making it have moved with the times, but it still a mainstream sitcom at heart.


Harry Potter
Most anime
Big Bang Theory
The Walking Dead


I’d argue that weird and unique don’t equate to good. He’s written stuff I’ve enjoyed in the past but he’s more miss than hit to me.


And that’s fair enough, I feel the same. Just saying I get why people could be crazy for him, even if he doesn’t do much for me. Whedon’s always been a bit more of a head scratcher to me, as the only sense I seem to get of his trademark style is… banter, which doesn’t seem like that huge of a selling point.


It is when it’s good banter. :wink:

I think Whedon is more than that. ‘Buffy’ was new and it continually twisted it’s situations and characters, for a man who likes to write light comedy a lot of the time, Whedon can be a ruthless bastard to his charatcers and audience.

But returning to "what doesn’t work for us’, I’ll add ‘Preacher’ and also ‘The Boys’.

Good ideas, clever insights in places but also heavy handed and often sacrificing the internal logic of their own worlds because the writer wants to make a point and can’t quite get there without breaking his own rules.

I’m glad they exist, but they’re not for me.