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Marvel's Runaways TV Discussion

Starts on Hulu in the US tonight:

They’re showing three episodes tonight, and weekly after that. No UK broadcaster yet.


It’s pretty good. Another good tv show, which is great to see after the whole Inhumans fiasco.

Too bad it’s on Hulu, this is kinda like Stranger Things, in a sense, so I reckon this could get a lot of hype, if it were on a more accessible platform.

Watched the first three episodes. A bit too slow, and obviously different to the comics, but I’m on board.

Here’s an interview with the producers, which goes through some of the changes, including having to follow a stupid “No Magic” rule from Marvel.

Caught up with the series yesterday. The pacing is definitely a lot slower than I was expecting. I think it was well cast, and it’s a well produced show, as well, but it’s certainly very different from the comic. Not that I don’t get why. The Gibborim stuff from the comic wouldn’t translate very well to the screen. That said, I think it probably could benefit from a bit faster pace.

The interview above they mention how quickly the comic moves because BKV thought they could be canceled at anytime…not sure why the showrunners aren’t assuming something similar. Because with 3 episodes left the kids still haven’t runaway and there’s still a lot left to answer. Namely, why does Pride exist at all? For all the time they’ve spent trying to humanize the parents, we don’t have great insight to a lot of their motives or why Pride is necessary. Sure, the “ritual” is used to extend the life of their mysterious benefactor, but why do they need so many people involved in the ceremony? Aside from Karolina’s mom (and maybe Chase’s dad, still unclear if he built the box or not), no one else seems to be useful or needed during the sacrifices.

I’ve been enjoying the show, but knowing that season 2 isn’t a guarantee just makes me wish they’d tried to move it along a little quicker. Because at this point it seems pretty clear there will be no running away until the end of the season, at best.

Well I don’t remember what happens in the cb, just browsed it at some point, but I guess in terms of they not having ran away yet, I suppose it’s like Preacher S1 in that regard.

I think the series has benn very good, but I fear it being on Hulu might kill it. Haven’t seen many people commenting on it despite being top notch quality (production-wise) and a Marvel property =/

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The Preacher comparison is pretty apt. I’m also worried that being on Hulu means it will fade into obscurity. I started watching it with my sister and she’s really into it, but she definitely wouldn’t have even known about it if not for me.

Huh… dropped it on the second episode of S2 and never looked back… so meh… u_u

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Relevant because he plays Frank Dean.