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Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - The Discussion Thread- NO SPOILERS


I feel this came out months ago, but checked and this is indeed the first trailer.


They had some clips from Comicon that made it onto the web but this is the first proper trailer.


Looks pretty good to me. Some decent character drama to go along with all the action.

Does it feel strange seeing your story brought to life in live-action like this? I know the other movies have already made good use of a lot of what you wrote for Marvel, but this feels like the most direct adaptation yet.


I like it.

I hope the violence measure up well to the badassery of the second one.


That last shot was great. Quite a few good moments in that trailer - I think Cap’s story is far and away my favourite from the whole Marvel film catalogue. Evans actually personifies the dignity of Cap well, can totally believe him not going along with the government registration.


His opposition does seem very centred around Bucky. I think it makes a lot of sense, he’s been acting effectively as an enemy agent and terrorist, so a no brainer that the feds would want to shut that down, but Steve knows underneath it all he’s a good guy.

We knew they couldn’t do the New Warriors setup so it looks like a very good alternative because it gives an emotional as well as logical reason for Steve’s stance. He’s his best buddy and compatriot in the field.


To Dave Wallace (because I still can’t figure how who to REPLY)…

Not really. Creator-owned is like having kids, writing Marvel or DC stuff baby-sitting, even though they were my original destinations. The first Avengers movie from captive Loki talking behind glass to bringing in the Chitauri to African American Nick to capturing the Hulk to our Triskelion and the Avengers under SHIELD command, etc, all felt much the same as this and it’s nice, but nothing like the buzz of your own creation. It’s weird seeing little scenes like Steve visiting his ancient girlfriend or working out in the gym, Hulk being dropped from the chopper or smashing up a wordy opponent with a smackdown, etc across these various movies. It’s kind of a nice surprise when you’re watching, but it’s always at a distance as you don’t own it and you can only sit back and find it kinda fun.

Financially, my great grand-kids will see the benefit of my work on Kick-Ass or Kingsman or Wanted or Superior whereas WFH only really benefits you in the very short term. Plus you don’t get to be a producer on any movies, which is where the control and the crazy money is because that’s when you get points on the picture, the DVD, the merch, etc. My Marvel years were a ton of fun, but feel like school or university to me and my buddies from publishing (who are much cooler than the movie guys) are still my close pals now, like Joe or BB. WFH is just part of the learning years before you go and do your own thing :smile:



That’s a good way of putting it. :slight_smile:


Looks great. Loved what Joe & Anthony Russo done with Winter Soldier and this looks a similar tone. The few glimpses of Black Panther seem really cool. Good to see a trailer released fairly late for this day and age. The Suicide Squad trailer came out about a year before the film.


I love it. Cap 2 is probably my favorite Marvel pic so far. This looks to be in the same vein, but bigger in scope.


That looks like it ROCKS! It’s getting released on my birthday so I guess I’ll have something to do that day. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Black Panther sighting at 1:51!

That looks surprisingly good. As others have said, in the spirit of Winter Soldier, which is the best Marvel movie to date.


I’ll watch it just for Sebastian Stan - who I’ve loved ever since Kings.
Just wish there were less Avengers, although the focus seems more balanced the part where they’re all running makes me feel uneasy as hell.

Preferred Ant-Man


I’m burned on these characters since Ultron, but the Russos are so good. DD the only Marvel thing I’ve been in love with in a while, but this and Guardians 2 both appeal to me big time.



That’s crazy you and McNiven aren’t producers and consultants on this film in some capacity, even a mostly ceremonial credit. I get that it opens a can of worms when you start honoring one creator and not another on characters that were created ages ago and shepherded for decades, but it still seems like it will lead to a talent drain on your publishing side (which is happening).

Personally I don’t think that trailer looks very good. I never wanted to hear Tony say stuff to Cap like “I want to punch you in your perfect teeth” in a movie (which is not even the trailers worst line), it gets redundant by the two minute mark, and it all starts looking like a bunch of bland, B-list characters jumping at each other in ugly costumes. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. Did love the Black Panther sighting though.

Also the basic premise is goofy. I get fighting over Bucky, who is an international terrorist/assassin but also Steve’s friend. But I don’t get Steve operating with “unlimited power and no supervision”? Cap is like this lone vigilante? What has SHIELD been this whole time? It doesn’t even make sense based on the movieverse to date, it just seems like an excuse to have them punch each other.

EDIT: That said, it’s only the first trailer. I try to never judge movies by trailers and I’ll still see the film with an open mind.


Oh they are quote generous with that. Millar and Hitch got credits for Agents of Shield although it has very little to do with their work outside some odd references. It’s the hard cash you don’t get. :smile:


I avoided the burnout by not watching most of the Marvel films. :wink:
Haven’t seen: IM3, Thor2, or AoU at all.
Cursory viewings only of: IM2, Avengers, Hulk, and Thor. None of them did it for me, some great moments in each but not enough for me to watch them again yet. (Amber walked out on Avengers and she was 10 at the time!)
I read Civil War and The Ultimates after I saw The Avengers (film) and Cap’s character seems to be the closest to the books, also my favorite Marvel Movies (CA 1&2) I’ve also been going further down the comic hole of the Ultimates (Just finished Death of Spiderman :thumbsup: )
I might give AoU a shot before Civil War comes out, just to avoid any head scratching moments. :wink:


Ha, fair point. I guess if I’m in charge of the Civil War movie I’d want the comic creators closer not at arm’s length.

As to the trailer it is weird that we’re not seeing a villain of any kind (I know there isn’t one). The heroes have already fought each other a dozen times, so this looks like a whole movie based on what is typically a throwaway scene in the second act of their films.

I don’t know, just a weird trailer all around. I think it will make a mint, but it does look shaky to me (and to a lot of people on my social feeds).


She has great taste


You think? It feels to me like the MCU’s version of SHIELD draws on the Ultimates version a lot - not just Samuel L Fury but also a lot of the design work (the helicarriers and Triskelion are straight from Hitch’s pen) and the sense of it being more of a military rather than espionage-based outfit.

I haven’t watched AoS since halfway through the second season so maybe it’s doing its own thing a little more these days, but a lot of the building blocks feel like they come from Ultimates.