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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


To be fair, they do at least have more than one Asian woman in the cast.


Yeah, Marvel has enough bad press for failing to cast Asians in certain roles; I think Melinda May is safe for now…


If we didn’t see Hiveward in the last scene, I would have expected it to be Fitz or Mack, Hive having posessed one of them after Simmons shot him and escaped.


I’m always the first to admit when I’m wrong about something although, like everyone, I’m rarely ever wrong about anything. :wink: Finally giving SHIELD another chance (absolutely in no way influenced by hearing about the Aussie Gambit wannabe this morning – will likely be but a pale imitation anyway) and whilst it’s not on the same level as Agent Carter, it’s still good.

There’s still the same issues with some clunky dialogue and the fact that it has similar archetypes but isn’t Firefly which is probably part of the reason I resented it in the first place (that and the fact that pretty much all of season 1 was dire). But at least more is happening per episode now; better humour and more ambitious now too.


Hive can only possess Inhumans.

Still waiting to see Eden Fasi, Druid and Phobos.

Maybe they’ll be Season 4.

And because Im a firm believer that the Secret Warriors HAVE to be book accurate, I submit it will either be Joey or Lincoln that bites the dust. Probably Joey - cue Coulson’s breakdown about never having worked for them in the first place.

EDIT: I quite liked the “Are you drunk?” … “I’m Australian. Of course I am”.

EDIT 2: The cruelest thing to do is probably to kill Fitz or Simmons. This is a Whedon show …


Nah it’s gonna be the latina chick… Wasn’t it her cross floating in the vision?


I dunno, Man. I mean, maybe.


There’s a BLACK GUY on the show! He likes Yoyo.

He gone.


I meant kill and posess the corpse like he did with Will and Agent Walking Dead.


Ah! I totally forgot he could do that!

I wonder if Brett Dalton … I mean, … Generic Action Actor … will stay on somehow if Hive is killed.

They might do a thing wehre the body stays alive as an amnesiac or something to that effect.


Yeah, when Hive regenerated his body I was thinking they might find a way to expel the parasite and keep Agent Lives of a Cat around somehow.


He’ll probably rejoin the team! And everyone will be all like “Oh I dunno about this … I dont like that face …” but he totally proves himself, and then at one point it looks like he’ll betray them… but doesn’t! Drama!!!


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@TMasters: They modeled Inhuman Gambit after you, didn’t they?



No, I’m more annoying.


See? SEE! He CAN tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!


Yes, but Tim meant he is annoying in the fun kind of way.


Did I say annoying?

I meant annAAWESOME!!!


Based on Agent I Wish I Could Quit You’s dialogue at the start of the episode, there seems to be some foreshadowing about a falling out between the Avengers.


Prediction: Lash will prove to be immune to Hive and Shield will use him to defeat Hive.