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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


Yeah, I really liked that.

I am caught up with Agents of Shield again! And I have to say I really enjoyed the new season. Glad I binge-watched it up to this point too, it was pure fun having the story unfolding so quickly. And each episode left me immediately wanting to see the next one.

Sad to see Bobbi and Hunter go. I hope the Secret Warriors can replace them in terms of what they did for the show.


The show’s definitely found its niche as a fast-moving action/drama show with superpowers.

(as an aside, while last week was a bit tightly-packed, yay Fitzsimmons! And the reveal at the end wasn’t a massive surprise, but still really well done)


I thought the infected Inhuman was a pretty cleverly written plot … there was reason enough to guess all four of them.

While we now know it was Daisy . My guess is that Hive has probably infected either Yoyo or Joey too.


Oh it was, and they even introduced a good reason for Joey’s suspicious behavour - his actions were consistent with PTSD

What I meant was that the twist was cool, but not wholly unexpected. It did actually let Luke Mitchell do some halfway decent acting and be interesting for a change.

Oh, and it was a nice twist that Agent Brainslug Planet still calls Daisy Skye - because he’s never been told she changed her name.


Yeah, I think the speed at which is moves is one of the most important improvements. Loved how they built Malick’s story - the whole thing with his childhood and his brother was a neat little story, I thought - and then to so quickly turn around and kill his daughter and himself in the space of like two episodes.


I just wish Hive threw face-huggers, like in the comic, that would be a great visual.


Did I just dream what I’ve just had spoiled about SHIELD? Or is Todd using his powers for good now just to please me. Or maybe Tim is secretly a screenwriter on the show.

Either way, I think I might have to start watching SHIELD again. :wink:


Yes there is an Australian who has Gambit powers.


All the YAAAYS!!! :slight_smile:



Hes technically based on this guy:


Oh, Hellfire. I know the character. I’ve read those comics. He’s a bit similar I suppose but not as cute or complex as Gambit. Fury was kinda mean to him.


I’m gonna guess Mac, because, you know, he’s the Black guy.


That was my thought. Then I thought, “Naw, they did that.” Then Mack got good lines. Now they’re gonna kill him.


I think it will be Lincoln.

Correction: I hope it will be Lincoln.


Lots of people are hoping it’ll be Lincoln.


It would be a bit too “on the head” of the character name, but, should he enter a theater to enjoy My American Cousin it could be foreshadowing. :rolling_eyes:


They’ve already killed one black guy. I don’t think they want to become repetitive.


And turned two more into robots or monsters.


I’m thinking it could be May. The seem to be commiting to the Inhuman/Secret Warriors thing, and she’s the field agent without any powers.


Yes, kill the Asian. There is nothing that could possibly go wrong with Marvel doing that.