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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


I caught up with the end of this series today and… it was a decent enough end to a series that hadn’t been a massive success. I spent most of the future arc just wanting them to hurry up and get home and back to business as usual. The second half was a bit better, but not as strong as series 4 or 3.

I did totally buy Fitz’s death and then get completely confused at Jemma’s casual attitude at the wake though. That was a nice bit of misdirection through the second half of the series, focusing on Deke finding out his lineage and then worrying about being his existence being erased if they change time, distracting from the fact that Fitz himself was an anomaly from an possible future and that the contemporary him is still out there in space.

Daisy’s defeat of Gravitron (Graviton? I can never remember) was a tad rushed, I’ll admit. I really expected him to come back down from that shot she made. It didn’t seem like enough to punt him into orbit. I think maybe a few blows to back him off and dizzy him and then a full-on quake punch would have sold it a bit better.


I just finished it last night too. And the Fitz bit was quite well done. I, too, was fooled. I will say it was a bit hard to pinpoint what, exactly in the timeline changed and made the defeat possible. I guess just Yo-Yo telling everyone what her future self said allowed Coulson to make the choice he did?

Another fun season, but maybe not quite as strong as the previous two. But I thought those were pretty great, so not really a knock at all.



She’d have done that before in the loop, as her experience was exactly the same as before. IIRC, Her older self talked about trying to change everybody’s mind, of trying to warn them of the future.


Yeah, so it had to be, at minimum, the second time (3rd iteration) this meeting happened. Yo-Yo probably was able to give herself a little more information than last time. Just enough to adjust the outcome.



I’m in no hurry to see the show end. If it does, it’s had a good run, but it’s a fun show. As long as they can keep it fun then I’ll stick around.


The show has definitely improved with each season. I won’t say no to more but I won’t complain if it ends.


Yeah, that’s how I feel. I think they’ve done a good job of changing it up each season and keeping each season fairly self contained so you feel okay if it ends.

That said, I also wouldn’t be surprised if, after season 6, it ends up finding a home on Disney’s streaming service instead of ABC. But I suppose that would depend on whatever deal they have with Netflix.


I was thinking they needed another season to get to that magic 100 number, but IMDb says they’re at 110 - plenty for old-school “syndication”.

Do we still have syndicates?


There are a few like MeTV and some cable channels that are nothing but syndicated series.



Oh shit wait, let me take a wild stab in the dark… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :smile:


Yeah, same here. Season 5 kind of suggested they’re at the end of the things they can do with the show, but there’s always more stories out there. I’m game as long as they make it work.


The information that some women are attracted to absolute ballbags should astound nobody.


Kids these days! :rofl::joy::money_mouth_face:

Y’all know I somewhat follow Crazy Russian Hacker - a.k.a. Taras. His fianceé, Katherine, is a big-time sci-fi and comics nerd - she has an Instagram account. When Taras makes a mistake, it’s funny. When Chloe’s beau there makes a mistake, people are offended and hurt. There’s a difference.

(Although I do see it as more a Drew Barrymore- Tom Green type of deal.)



Is it because Shield barely scratched by with a fifth season?


And yet, Phil Coulson is in the upcoming Captain Marvel.


at times it seems that there are people out there deliberately trying to sabotage AoS. It seems like they are upset because the series has actually gotten better over time. "they proved me wrong"say the critics and being egotists of the greatest order, they can’t be wrong so therefore hate the show, try to sabotage the show so it goes away and then they won’t be reminded they made a mistake.
So when articles like that pop up i just ignore them because most often they are promoting their own agenda and not really providing any credible news.