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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!



So, the next shot is Graviton moving into the sunshine, feeling all better and swooping down at the last second?

The way this cheerful piece was moving I almost expected Thanos to snap his fingers and May turn to dust on Coulson’s shoulder. That would have fit this Era of Good Feelings.


Watching Deception on ABC and who should appear but our favorite agent SecretChinned.


He was recently on an episode of Elementary.



Oh I don’t need to read that to know that no, they’re not :smile:


Yeah, that’s true. I’m fine with how it ended, but it did feel like Talbot’s last moments could’ve used more breathing room.

Another thing that was anticlimactic was how they broke the loop. I mean, I love how Coulson sneaked the serum into Quake’s costume, but there was nothing to suggest how they broke the whole logic of the time loop. Which is not a problem in itself because, like, timey-wimey, but so much of this season was built around the idea that you can’t change the future that I thought they might come up with something… more, I guess.

Also, what happened to Zeke? I can’t believe there wasn’t a final shot of him hitchhiking on the highways! They really missed a beat there.


Colson broke the loop by choosing to die this time.


Well, yeah, obviously. But the point of it being a loop was that you couldn’t just break free by deciding to do something differently. That was the whole point. So, I get why this was a big thing on the emotional level of the storytelling, but the whole loop thing didn’t really go anywhere if all anyone had to do was to decide, hey, I’ll just do this instead of that.


Was that the point though? From my perspective, it was the team trying to figure out if they had free will or if their actions were predetermined. Certianly Fitz’ position (and eventually Simmons and Yo-Yo’s) was if the future was set in stone, it didn’t matter what they decided to do, because it was what they were predestined to do. But if the future wasn’t set in stone and one of them died, then they automatically changed the future because they all made it to the lighthouse in the original timeline.


Yeah, but everything they did while trying to figure that out demonstrated that their future was set; until the very end, they didn’t manage to make a decision that didn’t lead to the future they’d seen. That this was the case was a major plot point of the season, and it would’ve been nice if they’d come up with something more than just because, something that deals with the logic of the loop specifically. To be fair though, it’s a tough nut to crack, coming up with an idea that makes more logical sense in that context.


And that is why most time travel stories fall apart when you examine them closely.


Or they were really, really lucky. If nothing else, Fitz did die on that last mission, while possibly still thinking they were immortal


Yeah, I was waiting for him to realise that this meant they’d done it.

But the lucky thing… I don’t want to go too far into a nerd discussion of time travel, but the thing is that if anybody could have changed the future at any time by making a different decision, then there would’ve been no loop at all. And maybe there wasn’t, maybe them in the future was actually the first time this had all happened and on the second run-through, with the information from Future Yoyo, they already had the one thing that made things go differently.

(But then, how did the Yoyo in the future know? She must have gone through this before, so there needs to have been a time before this, so there must have been a loop, but then… okay, this is definitely where my love of time travel logic is taking this too far :slight_smile: )


No accounting for taste, I guess.


Poor taste at that.




Guess Deke didn’t get erased out of reality in the season finale, then.


I’m glad about that. To quote myself:

Also, what happened to Zeke? I can’t believe there wasn’t a final shot of him hitchhiking on the highways! They really missed a beat there.

So, yeah. It’s cool that he’s still around. But then, it’d have been foolish not to use him in the next season.