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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!



13 episodes. I’m pleasantly surprised.

How do they handle the Infinity War stuff though? Ignore it?

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Hmmm. Both Gotham and SHIELD renewed at the very last minute but both for “shortened seasons”.

Which would put them ending about the time Disney buys Fox.

Oh, that can’t have anything to do with it!


It probably has more to do with them being older shows with low ratings.

I can see AoS being a component of Disney’s streaming service where it will reside with all the Marvel movies.


No it can’t. Really, the timing makes it unfeasible.

They are middling to poor rated shows, the job is done.


Coincidentally, some of the most expensive cast members will vanish at the end of next week’s episode.


So after Avengers 4, allowing them to ignore the whole thing.


Well played ABC, well played.



Or they could kill off the entire Inhumans family instead, to achieve balance.

Just sayin’…


You know that’s not AoS’s style. They dive in with both feet whenever they can.


Which Marvel won’t allow them to do here.


The rest of the time, they just dip their toes.


There was news showing on a monitor behind Mac about it and Talbot is trying to power up on Gravitonium to go fight the aliens in New York(i.e. the first part of IW with Strange and Stark)


I was under the impression he was powering up to fight Thanos in Wakanda. In the previous episode the candy man had asked Daisy if she had seen what was going on in NY so that’s already happened.


could be.:man_shrugging:

i just thought from the scene in Talbot’s house where he tells his son he is going to fight bad guys they are still in New York. Talbot was imprisoned when Wakanda revealed itself to the world so I don’t think he even knows what or where it is.



So, that episode had a lot of feels in it, I was fully expecting a fakeout with Fitz’ death, especially as they didn’t show the plaque in the Zephyr’s cockpit for ages - but having the team go to find present-day frozen Fitz is a nice way around.

Of course, when he gets back, he won’t remember his wedding, or have known his grandson, or have gotten those last few months with Coulson. Or have dealt with the anxieties left over from the Framework. Because This. Show. Will. Always. Punish Fitzsimmons.

Of course, Coulson’s almost certain goodbye (we can totally fit a half series into “days, maybe weeks”) was very emotional, and him deciding to spend his last days in Tahiti definitely brought a laugh in the middle of a scene of great pathos. When they’ve done a lot of calls back to the show’s early days this year, that was a nice touch.

Unfortunately, the ultimate conflict between SHIELD and Talbot was a bit anticlimactic. The story was put together very well, but with so much else happening in the episode it meant there was very little time for that final conflict. Another 10 minutes even would have helped to add some tension - though it’s pretty clear the show’s budget was stretched to the limit with what they managed to pull off.

Overall, while I’m happy we’re getting a little more AoS, this would have been a great place to end the show. Sorta like Silicon Valley this year in that regard.


I’m also glad they didn’t try to tie directly into Infinity War. By not doing so really helped the show stand on its own.