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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


So is it going to end with Thanos snapping his fingers and all the characters disappear? Series finale and cliffhanger.


I would laugh if Marvel Studios use Thanos to get rid of their own TV division. :slight_smile:


That was a great episode and I love how the predestination story arc has panned out so far. I gotta say, Ruby has been a great antagonist for the back half of the series, Dove Cameron’s performance has been fantastic.

When Polly and Robin found Talbot in their room, I was fully expecting her to die and May to adopt Robin by the end of the series, so it was a welcome moment when it turned out she was still alive.

And comedy Zeke has been one of the best things the show ever had. The Lemons thing cracked me up.




I’m tickled by the fact that Thanos assault on Earth wasn’t the only alien attack taking place at that moment.


It’s a good explanation for why the Avengers didn’t show up to investigate the giant alien spaceship.

Though records show that was actually a nuclear holocaust, rather than an alien attack.



Ha ha ha. Am I going to turn out to be right?


Nah, I do like that they have cycled around to the beginning with Kasius and the destroyed Earth.


A lot of people are thinking along those lines. Like it might be a handy way to write out the more expensive actors


like Coulson, Daisy and May? that would be like NCIS without Tony and Abby… waitaminute, maybe more like CSI without Grissom. :wink:


A lot of people are thinking Coulson, May, either Fitz or Simmons (because they need to suffer like they’re Chief O’Brien), and the recurring agents that came back in recent weeks. And the potential plot for series 6 would be Daisy struggling as Director of SHIELD while they work to help earth post-snap


I still think Clark Gregg needs to be on the show. I think the William Petersen analogy is very good. Csi was not the same without Grissom and AoS could be the same without Gregg.


I think it could work for an arc or two, depending on what the timing of Avengers Quatro is related to a potential AoS series sechs



So this week’s episode was great. I really like how elegantly they’ve flipped the status quo (such as it was) to get everything in plae for a big SHIELD vs Talbot big finale next week. I mean, AoS’ stock in trade is upsetting the status quo every few weeks, but it worked especially well here, doubly so because they’ve been juggling plot lines going all the way back to series 1. I’m going to miss Creel, but I swear one of the elements in the gravitonium absorbtion sound effects is water going down a drain so I can’t take it too seriously. Coulson and May’s kiss totally derailing Daisy’s heroic entrance was hilarious, and Deke continues to be a late-addition highlight to the show.

And it cracks me up that the pilot guy has some amazing story of his time in the wilderness that they just won’t tell us.


Agents was always Coulson’s story. I thing that story is winding to a close, and that’s a bit sad. And with Graviton? It’s gonna be heavy.


That means the earliest we’ll know is during ABC’s upfront presentation itself which takes place Tuesday afternoon.

Which evokes song cues!


What could have been a weak ripoff of Star Lord turned out to be comedy gold.