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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


Also, regarding Hale at the end of the episode - recall that Kasius said his father was part of a Confederation of Kree rebels looking for a homeworld, and the drink they gave her is the same as the Kasius used when he roided out to fight Mack.




I’ll believe it when I see it but I’m down for a sixth series.



Currently watching. Still not sold on it.


it’s still mediocre… but to their credit, it’s the rather solid kind of mediocre that keeps me watching for some reason, whereas all of the CW ones I’ve dropped… But each time I watch it I’m reminded of the wasted potential =(


I’ve stuck with just The Flash. If I were trying to watch all of it I probably would’ve given up ages ago. This season of Flash has probably been its strongest to date, right up there with the phenomenal second half of the first season.


Right good episode tonight; current plot and tie-ins to Avengers.


You filthy calamari Mata Hari was an amazing line


It’s disappointing that the insult thread was closed just hours beforehand.



Everything is going to go along just fine until the crew gets a couple hours together and decide to watch Terminator 2.

Nobody feels quite as cocky afterwards.


I liked Crossfit Tinkerbell too



Well now I miss Raina.



Is it with a single throwaway line like with Age of Ultron?


Or maybe with a completely boring, bland and pedestrain asgardian? :smile:


The season finale will be Friday, May 18.