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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


Don’t think so.




Does anyone know when Agents of SHIELD is going to get its 100th episode? It feels like it must be sometime soon, but I’m sure someone would have mentioned it if so.


Supposedly tonight but that could just be fake news.



After watching the 100th episode I noticed that it brought up a very good plot twist. How many times has someone said why don’t the Avengers know that Coulson is alive? This episode played with that concept with the fake Mike trying to convince Coulson that the entire series are just dreams Coulson is having while on the operating table.

The spoiler about Deke and the end sequence was nice but I think more guest stars would have been nice. In the article above when they say they got exactly who they wanted as a guest star, I think they were lying to the interviewer, if not themselvesJ.August Richards was the best you could get? They are still paying for losing Adrianne Palicki when the spinoff got botched. Who were those other Shield agents? That guy standing behind Mac was a nobody to me and that was disappointing.


That was a fun, sweet episode. A shame that they only brought back Ward in his agent Squid Icarus form though.


I really enjoyed the Deathlok/Deke exchange. That was funny.

I’m glad they brought Deathlok back. I’ve been wondering when they would so this was a pleasant surprise for me.


uh… lamelok… awesome :roll_eyes:

Meh, filler episode… kinda underwhelming for the 100th episode, but oh well…



“Mack-Hammer, you can’t touch this.”



I literally laughed out loud at that line


I did, too!

I also loved “It’s Hammer Time!” and the picture of young Mack.



In real life, most people know me as Craig Parker as it was my DJ name before during and after this guy turned up. At the start of the internet I used to get people contacting me asking me was I really him. I was like “He stole my fake name I’ve had for, like, five years now.”

I remember I had a set on radio at one point and they had to say, “Not the actor.”


This is why it is desperately important to get at least one SAG cred! If you’re first, you own the name!

Even if you’re a Miqque.



Holy shit, that was dark.


I’m gonna go buy some Hob Nobs though