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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


Because at least it’s going to be interesting? It’s like Damage Control, a story about (relatively) normal people in a a world populated by superheroes.


The Steelcity Rockers comic I mean :joy:

I gave up on AoS during the first or second season.

I loved the pilot then I found it all really hardgoing after that, bar one or two episodes.

However, I’ve read a lot of praise for seasons 3 onwards on here and some of what I’ve read really makes me want to watch it, particularly Ghost Rider. The Inhumans plot puts me off.

I started watched the pilot again this morning in bed in my iPad and enjoyed it again, however I went back for some much needed sleep about halfway thru.

There’s a few shows I’m slowing navigating thru on the iPad in bed. Slowly because I tend to nod off really quickly these days.
I’m about a third of the way thru season 2 in my rewatch of STTNG and I’ll probably add AoS to my bedtime viewing and get thru it in sporadic viewings.


I’d suggest ignoring everything and going straight to season 5 then going back. Not because they aren’t any good, but because I think you’ll enjoy them a lot more that way. Season 5 is absolutely great and gives me more respect for what they have done with AOS in terms of getting it to the point where it’s extremely enjoyable. They’ve probably fixed ever problem I had with it at this point, I’d have enjoyed it a lot more knowing that it gets where it has.


I’m a wee bit a OCD about watching things in order.
I wasn’t when I was younger but it’s something that started in my later teens and I’ve never been able to shrug off.

Some with watching movies or reading comics and books. Even playing video games and sometimes even music.

I like to see the evolution of something; a storyline, a character, a sound, graphics @ gameplay.

It’s got a bit silly though, it’s something I need to try and break free from; I’m even the same watching cartoons with the kids and it’s just stupid.


I’ve been the same for a long time - one of the reasons is my hatred for series being shown out of sync on TV years ago when they didn’t care. The only time I’ve really did it is with Arrow after dropping out half way through the first season and it improved my enjoyment immensely. To be this is like that. Only AOS gets increasingly better and Arrow bottomed out a couple of series ago.


Prediction: Agents of SHIELD gets renewed again, but only for a half-series and it turns out to be better than Watchmen. Only 8 people ever see it.


The following season will be only one 15 minute episode and it will be considered the greatest single episode of TV in the history of the medium. It will be 100 years from now before anyone actually watches it.


It’ll be a webisode, only streaming on ABC’s official website. The URL will not be shared with anyone.


It will be played out, on stage, silently, for ABC’s top brass’ children at their daycare center, none retaining anything more than a passing recollection of the greatest story ever told.


It will be a dream, forgotten upon awakening.


It will be a gathering of unconnected electrons, fighting for space amongst the bristling atoms creating the neural messages though the body in order for it to function.


That’s honestly the only thing worth watching. The FX were surprisingly decent, and while the plot itself was a bit shit, it was at least entertaining enough, but the GR scenes were definetly the highlights so far.


It was what caused the Big Bang that created our universe. It is a part of us. It always has been.



Featuring the return of Agent Foregone Conclusion!


I wonder if cast & crew get bonuses when a series reach synidication… I hope for them… they deserve it for sticking with the series that long.


They typical don’t but the whole point of syndication is that it basically guarantees them royalties for for quite a while.


Sometimes I wonder if the creatives on this show take all the chances they do(which I enjoy) because they think this will be the season they get cancelled so they go for broke. this latest one where they turned a disney princess into a sociopath dressed in some sort of a gimp suit is intriguing.



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