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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


Spent the last couple days getting caught up with AoS…what a fun season so far. The show has done a really great job of changing things up season to season. Or sometimes even within seasons (last season’s Ghost Rider stuff followed by the framework). I genuinely have no idea where the show is headed and that’s pretty cool.



So most of the script was on the fly after her injury? That explains several things!



Predict Season 6?

Hell, we have no idea what will happen from one episode to the next in Season 5!


They really need to let that Inhumans thing go at this point. No one wants to see mutants and Inhumans face off. It’s like the Coke v Pepsi taste test only the Pepsi is vinegar.


So, it’s exactly like the Coke vs Pepsi challenge then?





There’s some opinions I trust continually really bigging this show up - I think I’m going to need to give it another chance…


Where did you drop off the show?


Honestly, it’s rather mediocre in terms of TV shows… it’s not horrible, but it’s nothing amazing either. I seem to recall you’re not too tolerant with SH movies and whatnot (or am I getting confused?) so yeah… =/


Halfway thru season 2 i think


Season 4 and the current season have been great.
I can’t remember what happened in season 3…


I’d say give series 4 a shot. There’ll a little bit of a learning curve catching up with what happens in series 2 and 3, but the three arcs in it are excellent.


At the very least you can always check out what they did with Ghost Rider in first half or so of season 4, that was fairly decent… and hey, as long as you can tolerate some idiotic plots and some truly attorcious dialogues, you might even enjoy the rest of the show :smile:

Which btw reminds me, I almost decided to drop the show after last episode: the writting was just fuckin bad, and the whole plot doesn’t make an ounce of sense… but at this point it’s like watching the titanic about to hit the iceberg. Although, now that I think about it, i’ve been saying that for at least 2 years and they keep renewing this stupid show… u_u


If you’re actively choosing to watch a show then I don’t think you can complain when they keep renewing it. :smile:


Ignore @Jacowboy, he rarely likes anything. :wink:

Seriously, the show gets better and better each season. The first 2/3 of Season 1 was its worst. From the tie in to Captain America: The Winter Soldier on, it just keeps getting better.

Storytelling improves with each season. Mysteries and questions are set up and resolved very quickly. We are 8 episodes into Season 5 out of 22 and it’s moving at a breakneck pace.

It’s a fun and enjoyable show.


Is Whedon still involved in any capacity?