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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!




Thumbs up for three minutes of Talking Heads. And also Agents of SHIELD


Am I the only one here who’s never heard of this particular alien race?


I have friends who are Vrellnexians!


From Gerry Conway’s Thor? Surely everybody remembers Gerry Conway’s Thor? :confused:

(I :heart: Gerry Conway)


The amount of money Conway is getting from TV appearances of his characters must be ridiculous :smiley:



Serious question (for a change): Do the Marvel writers from the 70s collect royalties on characters they created for the company? Just wondering.


I believe that Conway and a couple others have said that they do.


I think has had a long-standing dispute over how DC pays characters creators, but he’s also said in interview that he gets something for every character that’s been on TV.



That premiere was great!!

Some top stuff…

-That opening. Awesome.

  • Rip-Off Star-Lord is actually pretty cool.

  • Julie Mao!!

  • The “Coolest they’ve ever looked!”

  • The Big Bad is already better than Ronan.

  • The CGI. I didn’t watch the trailers so absolutely loved it having not expected it!

Really impressed with that opening.


Dear Marvel;

Buy some fucking light bulbs.

Your Audience


How many Agents Of Shield does it take to change a lightbulb?

Five! Four to offer exposition and one to turn up at the last minute and screw it in.




I’m sure there’s been an article with pretty much that title for every premiere since season 2.


For me, I get into the series for a bit and then it goes somewhere not all that interesting and I’ll watch something else. It certainly is a very Whedonesque show, but there are a lot of shows now that have taken that format and deliver more consistently and innovate on that style possibly because they aren’t connected to a juggernaut crossover universe.

For me, AOS is kinda like Marvel’s STARGATE. Not nearly as popular as STAR TREK or STAR WARS or as smart as DEEP SPACE NINE or BABYLON 5, but a solid action series that delivered more than it failed.


Yeah, but this time they really mean it!!! :wink:


Also, the show’s been pretty consistently great for years.

I’m taking bets on how they get Agent Guys, guys? Where did everybody go? into the show this year.