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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


I just got to the end of Season 4 and I really enjoyed. The front half with Ghost Rider and the Darkhold was solid - I liked that they went for the Robbie Reyes version rather than feeling beholden to the first, but still went out of their way to include Blaze (or Ketch, I guess?) in there too.

But the second half of the season was fab. Great Bodysnatcher style paranoia with the LMDs, a fantastic pseudo-alternate reality arc using the Framework (allowing for some nice return appearances, like Trip) and even a brief adaptation of Secret Wars II, of all things, with Aida/Ophelia at the end there. (Plus Ghost Rider doing a Dr Strange sling-ring style portal in the finale, which was a nice touch).

I’m quite looking forward to seeing where season 5 is going, because beyond “space, I guess?” I don’t have a clue.


Insiders are calling it “Agents of S.W.O.R.D.”, if that helps.



Return??? wtf… they were never even there… just a bunch of inhuman rejects that went like in one mission as a team… Nice try AoS…




I’ll take Hunter


maybe Orville will fail badly enough that she will be able to return quickly :wink:


The Orville already filmed its entire first season, but she’s probably still under contract until next summer so FOX could stop her coming back if they wanted to. I doubt they care that much about Agents of SHIELD though.


Would have liked to see both return, but I didn’t expect either at this point so I’m cool with it.



I hope not.


The more they ignore the Inhumans the better.


I dunno, Agents of SHIELD was saved from mediocrity by being crossed over with a far better Marvel production. Maybe they’ll save the Inhumans in return?


What take that risk?


Odds are this will be AoS’ last series anyway, so it’s not like Inhumans will drag them down with it.


Let them go out on a high note!


Have the ratings dropped?


They’ve been on a steady downturn - average 8.3 million viewers in series 1, down to 4.22 million in series 4.


Yes. It got moved to a later time slot which hasn’t helped. It was on the bubble and just squeezed by with a renewal.