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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


This is for you @TMasters . Madame Sexypants in a boner pill commercial.


I didn’t see her anywhere.


she walks through a room about 20 seconds in.


Looks a little bit like her.


It’s hard to tell.


Is the innuendo intended? :confused:




No AoS on the fall schedule, so it might not be back until 2018:


Everything will be on Tuesday. Everything!


Agents of Shield is indeed being held back as a midseason replacement (Jan. '18?)


This show is bonkers.

The last 15 minutes of this episode was great.



Coulson is on the Blue Area of the Moon, base of the Inhumans.

Big tie-in.


For a minute I genuinely thought AIDA had killed Simmons. Fitz getting back to work after she ported out was the main thing that left me suspicious.

And how gorgeous was that shot at the start of Robbie transforming into Ghost Rider and AIDA porting away as his chain passed through her?



That is definitely where I thought the final scene was headed.


SWORD was introduced in Astonishing X-men. Does that still mean FOX owns it?


Not how it works.


That’s not how your face works.