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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


Damn I don’t remember that at all. I hope they explain it again in the next episode.


There’s been plenty of releases of Terrigen gas since, I think they’re assuming everyone knows at this point.


Well the show does get quite scary sometimes.


When have they shown a non-inhuman exposed to terrigan mist surviving?


Earlier this year, two or three Watchdogs were exposed and one changed but the others didn’t. Also there’s all the Terrigen in the human food supply thanks to the crystals seeping into the water at the end of series 2.


I thought the explanation was the fish oil changed it. But you’re absolutely right. I completely forgot about the scene with the watchdog and the senator, where she didn’t die until he exploded. So yeah, plot hole closed.


huh? But Daisy took over the frame’s Skye, so she should know everything she knows in the RL…


They established Aida is in control and altering the framework, cutting off any influence Daisy has. It was right there in the first episode when they tried to exit the framework. Plus they’ve also established that the knowledge of the frameworks artificiality has no influence over its effects.


Yeah it’s a Matrix knock-off, I know… which is my point: I’d have prefered if Daisy pulled a Neo.


You do understand that that’s not how computers work, right? Even in hokey Science Fiction?


No you it made no sense that she doesn’t when the show already established that she can’t.


Well her hacker abilites have been neglected for a while, so it would’ve been nice to see them used more prominently here, in a story about a virtual world…

Oh and you’re an expert? So wait, it “works” in the Matrix, but it doesn’t work in a Marix-lite? How’s that oh grand wizard of Oz?


Microsoft Certified Professional, license number 9945242

Cisco Certified Network Professional, license number. CSCO12554377

Yes, I am an expert.

The Matrix is a messianic parable about a chosen one coming to save an oppressed people. Agents of SHIELD is a science fiction action series/prodecural. Despite both using a superhero theme and both The Matrix and the Agents of HYDRA arc being set inside an immersive VR simulation, to assume that the tropes and themes used in one will map exactly onto another is short-sighted.


So it doesn’t work because you say so. Ok, got it :thumbsup:


Well, it actually doesn’t work because I have a direct line to Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tanchoeren, predicted you’d have this exact complaint and convinced them to do it just to piss you off.


And you made sure the computer was plugged in, right?


Shit, I knew there was something


Regarding the Matrix stuff, weren’t a lot of them major hackers? Neo was just super special.


Yes, thus they were able to “bend” the rules of the programming and have superhuman speed and strenght, etc… Neo was just OP =P


They were also hacking into the Matrix just to get in there, and had some level of control by virtue of being able to manifest guns and give their avatars superhuman abilities. Neo’s ability to control the Matrix was built into the system by The Architect and The Oracle as part of their plan to cyclically reboot the system.