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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


He died as he lived - a character in this show

Also: yay! Tripp!


I was SOOOOO psyched when Tripp appeared. Now Aida is 99999 bad/1 good for bringing Tripp back. nice to see the thinking version of May appear, too, not just the vengeance seeking rule following subordinate.


Ada is a sexmuffin.

People don’t understand her; but I do.

Everytime she flashes her green eyeshadow I think “You’re evil, but you’re also a sexy sexmuffin. I understand.”


Apparently Shields ratings have gone up with the framework storyline. Hopefully that means it will be renewed.


I would like to see it renewed too.

One more season, perhaps knowing it would be the last one, would be good.


This has been their best season yet. I really like the way they broke up the season into three pods that built ups n each other.


Agreed. Ada is a sexypants.


I really liked the subtle way they let you know what Maces regret that Aida changed was. Though can someone explain how May isn’t dead at the end of this episode?


Is there a new episode or are you talking about the last episode with Mace’s Death .

I thought that too - there’s obviously a reason why Madame Sexypants doesn’t just kill them all in the real world, like she did with John Hannah .


She didn’t have a death scene.

(joking aside, the first Terrigen crystals seen in the show killed people because they had metal from the diviners running through them, and that was what killed Tripp and Admiral Adama)


Oh. I didn’t even think of that.


It’s completely stupid tho… they’re in a virtual simulation… how is her going through virtual terrigenesis do anything at all? Since she’s aware of the whole thing, couldn’t she just will her powers into being and be done with it? =/

And yes, I know I’m overthinking it. But bleh… I’m finding it hard to get invested into something that’s just a “dream” for all intents and purposes… I would’ve prefered to see more of the GR for the last chunk. That’s was probably the show’s best chunk of episodes ever.


Ada’s responsible for the rules of the Framework.


Yeah but Skye/Daisy is a hacker… if anyone should be able to bypass that it should be her. Haven’t you watched the Matrix? u_u





wow nice fresh meme… also, thanks for fucking my eyes with that…



When did they explain that? I thought the crystals killed anyone that wasn’t inhuman.

They established that’s not the cast in the very first episode of this storyline though. You can complain about a lot of things but it doesn’t make sense to about a plot hole they already plugged.


Shortly after Daisy met her mother, IIRC.