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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


I like this show quite a lot now.

I like the sexy pants Madame Hydra too.


HYDRA Fitz is kinda scary.


Dammit - I keep forgetting and now I think there’s three eps in the bin.


Seriously, this show is so. Much. Fun.



Dammit. I want a sexy pants spin-off.

I want a sexy-pants spin-off now!


Indeed he is.

In fact, i belive that the aftermatch of all this subplot (The Agents of Hydra thing) it´s gonna be the “Real” Fitz triying to cope with the guilt of being an utter Villain in that reality.

Seriously, one change and he is sudenly Dr. Mengele have to put all your life in perspective.


Nice interview with Agent I’m Baaaaack!:



I’m going to be completely honest and say that the I’ve enjoyed Ward in the two recent episodes more than I ever have previously.


Welcome to the church of Agent Snipe Headshot, brother.


kinda? Hydra Fitz is full blown psychotic. When Iain De Caestecker got his script, at the top it said Acting Cue: Think Dr Mengele


“Only, more evil!”


I must have a thing for Bad Girls because I’m way more into Madame Hydra and Killer Frost then their normal versions.

I blame evil-Willow.

Also Dark Phoenix.


Cue Dark Bernadette



More on HYDRA Fitz:


After reading that article, I believe that the premise of the Framework is bull!@@#. It is not removing their greatest regret. The Framework is AIDA playing with her toys. She hates Shield and Radcliffe but loves Fitz. May’s big regret becomes Stamford,CT from Civil War and flipped her from Shield to Hydra. Daisy’s regret(losing Lincoln) causes her to become Sky again and in relationship with Ward, Mac and Coulson had their spine removed so they wouldn’t interfere.

I think the real Fitz will recover from being the Doctor because of the heavy distortion Aida wrote into his framework. I like the Irony of Fitz’ situation. Aida falls in love with him because he is the only one nice to her but then in the Framework she removes that part of Fitz.


Radcliffe basically said as much when Aida claimed that she just gave everyone what they wanted and then had to let things play out as they did.



A moment of silence for Mace.