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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


I love that Daisy staked LMaceD, Buffy-style



I hope they cancel AoS and send Quake and Coulson to another show… The Inhumans show looks like a good option but who knows if it’ll even be on earth…





That was a fun storyline opener.


Come on, Lorcan - give up the goods!


It’s Agents of SHIELD doing Days of Future Past/the Mirror Universe in the best possible way. And Agent Don’t Go Changing to try and Please Me is awesome as always.


I completely forgot this was back on. I was too focused on The Americans, which is just excellent.


Nobody tell Punk, but I watched the iZombie premiere instead. I’ll catch SHIELD later today.


awesomely nauseating and creepy, you mean. Otherwise Ada has an unbelievably serious case of daddy issues, May has reverted to a bloodthristy hard ass, and Coulson has been completely neutralized. I did like the subtle touches of how Blake is now a hero and Coulson works in a school named after Alexander Pierce from Winter Soldier.


Well, of course.

And as always, I love that Daisy and Jemma’s first reaction to seeing him is to try and kill him.


the resistance looks set up to be quite pathetic. It was funny to see the teaser to show them to be strong and powerful when you know Ada designed them to be failures because she is Hydra so shield is there just to make her look her good when she crushes them. Another interesting point is where is the terrigen being kept because Daisy has to be repowered at some point although it was funny how daisy tried to use her powers to kill Agent PLEASE GOD DIE ALREADY AND STAY DEAD THIS TIME


I liked it.

The show really has gotten better.

I also have a bit of a crush on Ada a.k.a sexy pants a.k.a Australian sexy pants actress (actor).


Finally got around to watching it last night. Very good. This has been the strongest season yet. I like how they broke up the season into three mini-arcs where each builds on the last and the overall season arc. I like how where the season began to where the season is now is very different.

I did love it when Daisy stuck out her arm to quake Agent (INSERT SARCASTIC NAME HERE) and he holds out his arm asking if this is something they are doing now. That was funny.


And Agent Romantic Gesture did it back to her like two or three times in the scene.


But she’s EEEEEVIL, I did not know you liked that type( the manipulative controlling type)


For TIm, it’s like he’s looking in a sexy, Australian mirror.


You raise good points, but:

  • I would tame her with my wild abandon.
  • She is still sexy pants.
  • shrugs