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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


AoS’s problem this season is twofold:

  1. iIt got moved to a later time slot.

  2. It is up against NBC’s This Is Us, which is a smash hit.

It needs to be moved back to its old slot.

While it has improved and continues to get better, I do wonder how much it has left in its tank. I would almost like to see it end after the 2019 Avengers movie. The whole epic cycle of the MCU ends to the next one can begin. At that point, start a new series with a new premise.


I doubt it will last that long.

I think we’ve probably got one more season at the most - and they’ll cut back on the effects budget.


I think 5 seasons would be a solid run for the show.


Honestly while I enjoyed Ghostrider I think LMD has been a bit of a dud. The superior isn’t a very interesting villain and the watchdogs aren’t much of a threat.


There’s still 9 episodes.

I gather there are three arcs this season so we’ve probably got one or two left of LMD.




That was a fun episode this week


I’m catching back up on this show after putting it on the backburner about 3/4ths of the way through season 3. Not for any particular reason other than time, really. I finished the third season and liked it, and am really enjoying Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider in season 4 at the moment.

Someone just get this out of the way for me, does he stick around for a while? I’m on episode 5-6ish and it feels like he might sort of disappear once his story arc is dealt with. Has he made an exit or is he still around in current episodes?


He makes an exit after his arc is concluded, unfortunately. The follow-up arc has ben very good though. I wasn’t fully on board after the first episode, but it’s improved a lot since then.


Somehow both Blindspot and SHIELD have succumbed to too-many-stories-in-Miqque’s-head and, while SHIELD was viewed, I sure couldn’t tell you what I saw. And, if I recall, is next week Sweeps Week?



Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa Agent You’re in the Matrix, Charlie Brown!


I do wish ABC would get off the stick a bit. Everybody else “posts” their broadcast shows promptly at midnight. ABC kinda gets around to it, often in a day or two. Here Legends is up against SHIELD, and one gets bumped. With the Supergirl lead-in, it feels better to watch Supergirl/Legends rather than switch mind-sets to Marvel mid-stream. (Horrid scheduling, btw. Why compete with another genre show when there’s easy rating pickings in a dozen other slots?)

Did accidentally flip over for one moment, and it was, of course, a giant spoiler.

I think the whole LMD part of the season would play much better sequentially, without commercials, all of a piece. Such it is destined to be, and the scheduling may spell doom.


It runs without commercials for me, somehow :smiley:



That really was the best episode of the series to date. The scene with Daisy and Gemma was perfect.


It’s telling for me that it’s the only episode Jed Whedon has ever directed (in fact, it was his directorial debut) and yet it was leaps and bounds ahead of pretty much anything else in the series.


The two scenes (Daisy/Gemma and LMD May/LMD Coulson at the end) were extraordinary. Perfectly carted and directed.


Yeah, there were lots of bits of really good editing too.