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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


Tell Tim I don’t have time to play with him today. :slight_frown:

I’m sure Elizabeth can keep him occupied until I get back. :neutral_face:

You only love her a little bit though, right @TMasters ? So that’s okay-ish. :kissing_heart:


As I said in the general MCU thread, I liked that Mac was picking up guns like he was playing a computer game this week.

I like the twist with Mace, in as much as they’re really using him as a slight variation on his comics incarnation. Not sure if I like Coulson calling the shots behind the scenes, he didn’t seem to enjoy being Director last year, so hopefully he’ll start to feel the burden of responsibility and not just call the shots and forget about the rest.

And I keep forgetting that Melinda Maybot doesn’t remember she’s an LMD, so that look at the end was more a WTF than a “shit, rumbled”

Also, Luke Cage reference with the sniper using Judas bullets!


Oh I didn’t catch the Judas bullet reference.

I kind of liked the development with Mace - from the beginning we weren’t ever meant to really like him, because he was sort of usurping the characters roles, but we couldn’t dislike him because his heart was obviously in the right place - now we kind of get to see that payed off because the other characters can boss him around, but he still gets to do good work.


There’s a lot to unpack in the revelations about Mace this week, but the biggest thing IMO is that he’s clearly a good guy, and even though he feels guilty to how his actions in Venice were interpreted, he’s still brave enough to suit up and fight alongside Coulson and Mack without his powers. Some great character work in the script there and a great performance from Jason O’Mara


Yeah he’s playing a good character - and he’s obviously meant to be the character that draws the audience Ire to replace your former favourite.


Well this last episode was much better than the last one, but that’s not like a high bar :smile:

I was bored of the May plot before it even began…




For some reason that gave me a flashback to Blade Trinity.


I really enjoyed this week’s ep, having Artemis Pebdawni show up helped, as did an extensive volume of trolling regarding the Koenig family. Loved Daisy just smashing LMayD into the ground with her powers.

I’ve come around on Radcliffe as the antagonist at this point too. They’ve given him good justification for his motives. I was kinda hoping/expecting that they were going to keep his LMD around though, as a get-out clause in case they kill off the human one but wanted to keep John Hannah around.


ABC is a bit slack about putting shows up On Demand, I think maybe they wait until it airs in Hawaii or summat. The CW is blessedly fast, shows are there at 12:01. And I’ve been pushing my personal envelope with number of shows. So last night’s SHIELD, a couple of Blindspots and I think I missed a Scorpion. (Lea Thompson has been guesting, a fine role.) Now caught up with GoT and Hell’s Kitchen is about to finish. Gotham hit mid-season hiatus.

Time to process and clear the memory backs!

I can’t remember a January requiring so much concentrated attention just to keep up with the damned politics and numerous story lines!


It’s the same with their Netflix deal. New episodes of CW shows turn up here a few hours after they air in the US



So I’ve been slacking. I promised new Agent Ward names this year even though he’s “dead”, and I haven’t followed through.

So here we go, one for every episode I’ve not done a name for

Agent Not Appearing In This Series
Agent Death Haiku
Agent Wait, They Added Ghost Rider? And it’s some Hispanic guy? A Car?
Agent Get My Agent on the Phone
Agent No Really, I’m in a Good Place. It’s Perfectly Healthy to sit around all day Listening to The Smiths
Agent Yeah, I’m Over it. Oh, That Music? It’s Clocking In by Black Flag.
Agent The Rest of This Joke has been Cancelled due to Cultural Sensitivities
Agent Terminators? Yeah, They’ll bring me Back as a Robot!
Agent Any week now…
Agent has my Agent Called yet?
Agent not Appearing as a Terminator.


Agent Washed Up Actor Playing Jesus Christ


What is it with actors from second-tier SF shows winding up in Christian cinema? First Hercules, now Agent What a Fun Time we’ve had Reading… The Bible?!


I think it speaks volumes about their true acting ability.


He was pretty good in this: