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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


Aw how cute it was when they tried to do a quick silver slo-mo? :smile:

Well if GR ain’t coming back, I probably won’ either after the break… not really up for more intra-shield drama about who is on whose side and so on… blerg… already got 3 whole seasons out of that…


They’re “hinting” (translation = saying yes) that GR will return in the back of the season. The LMD arc is one of three, with an overreaching arc.


Oh yeah - I forgot we had an evil May already.

Maybe it’s because she’s the most physically dangerous one.

It would have been more interesting if it was Coulson or Mace.


Don’t forget, the rate Agents of SHIELD goes through cliffhangers LMD May will only be in place for two episodes tops.

I’m kinda hoping that this is actually a plot by Radcliffe rather than Aida going rogue.



That was painful to watch… u_u

Hey! Let’s make references to a lot of sci-fi movies, instead of making references to motherfuckin’ Ultron… Like the one time they could’ve talked about Ultron without it feeling forced… and no… a joke about Terminator Salvation…



Nanotech. Easiest answer to anything like that. :slight_smile:


Quantum foam, easiester answer for everything.


Well, the good news is that is the least of AoS’ problems…

The bad news is that is the least of AoS’ problems… u_u


I thought this week’s episode was really good. The SF references were a hoot, good action, good plot twists. Really liked how they portrayed Vijay’s powers too. The only let down is Radcliff turning out to be a villain after all.


Yeah. I thought it was one of the better episodes, tbh.


Mac and the movie references stole the show for me. I love his whole attitude toward AI.

I’m glad to know Mac has death by robot insurance. :smile:


In all honesty, the Terminator Salvation line is probably one of my top 10 funny moments in the entire run of the show


Well, hey, I’m glad you guys enjoyed it… I thought it was one of the worst written episodes in the season, if not the whole series… but to each their own I guess…



I did love Mack’s last line in the episode: “Small wonder.”

It’s a reference to this:


I get the fucking theme song to that show stuck in my head randomly, so I noticed the reference right away.



I think I’m a little bit in love with Elizabeth Henstridge.

Don’t tell @Bernadette.