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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


Ah yeah, that’s true, I forgot about that one :smile:

Sure, I guess they could do a GR mini to replace the Carter one.



Then again he may not have. Who knows? Not us.


Okay, that was a lot of fun. I have really been enjoying Ghost Rider this season.


yup, i really liked some of the changes that happened in the last episode. Jemma, fitz, Mac, robbie, May, and Ada.


So what do we think the Darkhold did to Ada, and what Ada was doing at the end? I assume she was rewriting her programming. These people don’t learn from Ultron, do they? .

Also - who do we think is the mysterious Inhuman?


i think the more important question is what is that mysterious organization that has him?


Scorpio, or AIM.

Possible ScorpiAIM.

I am wondering if we’ll see Chthon this season - given the Darkhold, and Ghost Rider to a lesser extent.


I’m not sure if they told us in the episode or not or it was something I read, but he’s supposed to be the Senator’s brother .

Whether he’s a known Inhuman character or not, I don’t think we’ve been given enough to guess yet.



Yep, they’re gonna do a Jocasta thing.


I was a bit disappointed with the winter finale. The resolution felt like they had run out of steam and budget. The ending didn’t feel rushed - it felt anticlimactic. Overall, the Ghost Rider arc was good but it could have used more GR in a flaming vehicle driving around chasing bad guys. I know there are budget constraints but it felt like it needed more. It was cool to see Mace suited up though.

As to the post-credits bit:

An evil killer robot and May literally getting duped.


I can’t say I’m excited for LMD. I hope they do something interesting and different and not have it turn into Age of Ultron Extra Lite.


I was wondering if they could have stretched the scene with Robbie punctured on a little longer. Two more minutes and it could have been a complete episode. And did people change personalities much?



I like the reference to Haig, which was probably what Captain America or Peggy Carter would drink - a very popular blend in the 40s and 50s, and the choice of many soldiers at that time. A bottle would probably set you back about $500 bucks or so nowadays.

You can see how old the bottles are here.

The same company make Dimple, which I occasionally drink, but an original Haig is much better because it’s non-chill filtered. Dimple is probably the only decent chill-filtered scotch, so I can only imagine how rich it would be without the filtering.


That is a nice reference. “Don’t be vague, ask for Haig,” it’s the preferred choice of Spitfire pilots!

Haig is very tasty, and I think it’s the oldest whisky in the world.


That’s not an uncommon claim though - there’s a few whiskys that purport to bear that title :hushed:


I don’t believe you. :hushed: There’s a story about Haig’s great-great-great someone or other being done for distilling on a Sunday in the mid-1600s.



That’s every distillers story!


I know. :stuck_out_tongue: But only the ones that got caught and, if they didn’t, they’d probably claim that they did in order to have a distillers’ story.