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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


Love the poster for the Quentin Carnival on the wall in the flashback.


Since they moved it from 9 to 10pm in my time zone, I keep forgetting that Agents of SHIELD airs on Tuesday nights. I’ve only caught one episode this season.


I have been enjoying it, but it’s not compelling viewing yet. Ghost Rider’s been pretty awesome though


Yeah it’s been basically worth watching for the few GR scenes (I don’t think he’ll be there all season long tho)… Quake’s okay too I guess… the rest is the usual AoS dreck tho…



Been enjoying too, although the new Director… sometimes I don’t know if we are seeing a good guy, or someone who will turn out to be the Norman Osborn as director of HAMMER in the MCU.


Geoffrey Mace is a character from the comics.


I know (Jeffrey Mace, one of the fillins for Cap), but I still wonder about his role in the MCU :wink:


How much you wanna bet they’re gonna introduce a NuHuman version of Jeff Mace (maybe a grandson) in the comics?



Like I said last week:

Has Nicholas Cage’s career toileted enough where he would do network television? :wink:


Would network television have him?


Putting Nicholas Cage on TV won’t bring back your goddamned honey!


Looks Like One S.H.I.E.L.D. Star Just Confirmed The Other Ghost Rider’s Identity


I have been pleasantly surprised by Ghost Rider on AoS. I wonder if ABC will consider him for a spinoff?


Well they nixed the last spin off but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were considering Ghost Rider.


If he does really well, maybe Marvel could change the name,
Ghost Rider and the Ghost Busters or summat…


Marvel’s Ghost Rider and The Agents of Shield ?


eh… I don’t know there’s enough there to make it a whole 22 episodes per year show… the budget would need to be pretty hefty too.

I’d rather they gave him his own season on Netflix. He’s a bit wasted on AoS, at any rate…


Agent Carter was only 8 and 10.