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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


I wasn’t too keen on Most Wanted, but would have given it a shot based on the characters/actors. But with it dead AoS better bring back Bobbi and Hunter.


I’d expect it was to do with budgetary stuff - which was the same with Agent Carter.

People like Dominic Cooper and Hayley Atwell are probably pretty expensive, when compared to the cast at AoS - and I don’t see actors like Oded Fehr or Palicki being particularly cheap. When you are paying more for your actors and getting low ratings, the writing is on the wall, really.

I hope they fold them back into AoS, which is surely what they will do, unless someone snaps up Palicki.


Maybe she can be Aquaman - like everybody else?



Let’s keep looking…


Weird thing is, they would’ve known that when they originall greenlighted Most Wanted. It was a strange move to begin with.



They probably did. And they let them make a pilot.

And then said : do we really want to make another 13 of these when were unlikely to get more audience share than this other show did?

There was probably a few execs who thought Palicki could carry the show but ultimately looks like they lost out.


Summarises the episode’s problems well.

It’ll be interesting to see where they’re going next. It did feel like they had to stuff all kinds of developments into this episode to get them out of the way (do some Shield stuff, create Hive’s new Inhumans, kill off Lash, get Daisy back) that should’ve been closer to the finale. So the question is, what do they do with the screentime they’ve bought by accelerating things like this?


I think someone should take the casts of PoI, Castle, Carter and Most Wanted and make some kind of supershow


Maybe they should just rename the spinoff AoS: Miami, or Agents of SHIELD: SVU. Seems to work for other franchises…


I think they were banking on the “MARVEL’S :” as their branding.


I haven’t watched any of this season of AOS or Agent Carter…Has the novelty of having a weekly show based in the MCU worn off for people then?


It doesnt really feel like its in the MCU any more.


I think the show has suffered from keeping the focus on the (watered down) Inhumans. They were solid for one season, like the Deathlok program was. They could stay in the mix, but the series should have moved on to Project Pegasus, or the Nexus of All Realities, or the Power Broker, or really anything else by now.


I’m still enjoying AoS a lot. The second half of this season hasn’t worked as well as the first half but has still been strong and interest (and miles better than the first season). I wasn’t nearly as taken with the second season of Carter though. It felt less focused and more meandering than the first season and the villain wasn’t particularly interesting.


Thought the first “Carter” was okay, but strung out. Thought 90% of ‘Season 2’ was padding. Would rather see Atwell and some of the cast in a tight “Agent Carter” movie where she kicks ass and forms SHIELD. One and done.


Yeah, I’m very much looking forward to the AoS episodes these days; this season has been a lot of fun.


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I told you they wouldn’t kill a Black or Asian person.


I was joking before, but it looks like they might be doing Machine Teen for S4!


Yeah that ending was – …

… super teasey those big jerkfaces.