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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


I love your descriptions, Lorcan.

Yes. I liked the episode, but it felt a little like filler - I mean, The Kree come to Earth and then they get beat and, oh wait, Daisy probably has the right blood to make Inhumans anyway, so whatever /

On the plus side, my mate Axel is killing it playing me. His taste in music is a little old for a 33 year old, though.


I feel like if they hadn’t done this episode, there would have been a ton of questions as to why they didn’t address the Kree and Daisy’s blood transfusion, even though the episode kinda had to spin its wheels in terms of the overall narrative.

The Kree were definitely a let down, in that way that taking a movie costume and simplifying it for TV frequently is - like the difference between the elaborate helmets in the movie of Stargate and then SG-1. Daisy’s fight with the Kree was particularly disappointing, especially as Agent Sudden Acting Chops’ fight with the other one was decent, and her fight with Mac was very well done.


He should be called Agent Trying Really Hard To be Neo, though… That threnchcoat is sooo 2001 =P


Agent Matrix Knockoff?


That would be the one… Agent Would Be The One.


Agent Poor Man’s Caviezel Voice



Agent Trenchcoat Mafia.


Agent Cuddlebug Shnookums!!!

I may have missed the point here…


No, that’s actually quite good for an alien worm entity that makes people addicted to being around it.


Hayley Atwell’s done an admirable job as Marvel’s Agent Carter, battling HYDRA—without super powers, thank you very much—and helping found S.H.I.E.L.D. Unfortunately, all that good work has done little to slow the decline in ratings, though it has raised Atwell’s profile enough for ABC to offer her the lead in a different drama.

More at the link, of course.


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Even if they did, it would mean cancelling a limited series. I’d bet they left an option open for a TV movie.


That episode was a bit of a mess, the double psyche-out was fun, but as soon as Lash showed up at Hive’s base with 15 minutes left in the episode I could tell he was going to die before the finale.

I sorta feel like they didn’t have enough story for the time they had left. The last two episodes have felt padded, and I wonder if they could have been truncated and combined to better effect? Imagine if the cliffhanger of this episode was Lash walking off the Quinjet?


Yeah, I liked the last few episodes, but this one was pretty disappointing. The Lash stuff didn’t feel earned at all to me, and the Civil War stuff felt completely unnecessary.

I wonder if they’ll have to try to tie in to GOTG2 next year.


At least we got that Rasta Hulk line


Welcome to television production. There is never enough time or budget for anything. Everything is late. People are hungry and grouchy. The script was hammered out on a patio in Laurel Canyon over a couple of mojitos on a Sunday afternoon. The talent have been in their “dressing rooms” all day - in makeup. The producer is … somewhere. The director is having a shit hemorrhage. Wardrobe is overwhelmed, we can’t find Props and S&P is riding up the AP’s ass.

Then comes the battle cry from all veterans:

“It’s a miracle anything ever get done!”

And that’s the way it is, May the 12th, two thousand sixteen…


‘Agent Carter’ Canceled at ABC; ‘Marvel’s Most Wanted’ Not Moving Forward


So they just got rid of 2 of AoS best character for nothing then… wow, well played :smile: